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  • The Kaffe. There are no words. ❤

  • ¡!!!!! Makes me feel positively lucky (after all) to be living…..in the UK……in September
    Thank you for a lovely read & ravishing images

  • Wish I lived in London, What a treat.

  • I’m going! Heading to London on the 12th, so cutting it fine, but I’m so looking forward to it. Thanks for this preview!

  • Kaffe is a genius with color. I made his parallelogram cushion. I used 11 colors. Now, you have reminded me to get a fabric backing to finish it.
    Kaffe is delightful! I had the pleasure of meeting him once in Boston. I own his book, The Color Guys. A true Fiber Artist!!
    Thank you again, MDK.

  • What a wonderful way to start the day with images of Kaffe’s glorious work! Thank you for this post.

  • I’ve been a fan of Kaffe Fassett since I first read about him in Vogue Knitting’s Holiday 1986 issue – “The Great British Knitters” (had to go to the bookshelf to check that date). Since then, endless inspiration. Long may he reign!

  • Wow. Just simply wow.

  • This is beautiful!

  • So gorgeous – and I’m so sad! I’m arriving in London on October 20, a mere week after this show is finished. I’ll go to the store anyway, in the fantasy that maybe they’ll still have some of his work around – you know, waiting for me!

  • Love Kaffe! Love this. Thanks for sharing this “shot of colorful joy” with us!

  • I’ve loved Kaffe’s work for decades! Thanks for reminding me!

  • Working on a quilt with his vibrant fabrics.

  • I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Kaffe during his first heyday in the ‘80s and was inspired by his strong personality and firm convictions about color. It changed my thinking about what artistic creativity is — which had always seemed like such a ‘soft’ characteristic, when in fact, as Kaffe demonstrated, it is quite the opposite. As I am writing this it just occurred to me that affirming one’s creativity is quite character-building and as such, encouraging it should be built into the methodology classes of teacher’s programs in all subjects, not just music and art. (Perhaps it already is.) Besides all that, Kaffe’s work just makes me happy. So glad he is having a renaissance.

  • I wish Anthropoligie wasn’t such an evil corp! I would buy all of the things.

  • I was 17 when I first came across Kaffe …I’m the big 60 next year… so yes I’ve been an admirer of his work for almost a lifetime … he was most definitely the biggest influence in my life on how I looked at colour & being a ‘hippie’ at heart I knew how to wear as many colours as possible in every outfit I’ve worn and as a mixed media artist his influence has been invaluable. … here’s to another 40 years together Sir Fassett !!

  • I have been a fan of Kaffe Fassett since watching his tv series on UK channel 4 so many years ago. He was as inspiring then as he is now. Sadly the TV show is unavailable. If only Channel 4 knew how many of us from around the world would love to watch it again they would make it available. There are some rare videos available of the show but I have never been lucky enough to get hold of one. I just love his work. It talks straight to the heart. Sigh!!