Here We Go: The Superscript Knitalong Starts Today!

By Kay Gardiner
September 16, 2019

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  • Been mulling the color placement for days without reaching a decision. Now I know, thanks to this! Sequoia, Charisma, Constellation. Ready to cast on and eager to finish. Thanks, Kay.

  • This is such a big help! Like Marilyn8, I have been mulling over color placement. It was hard enough just picking my triplet! Constellation near my face, ,Meadow in the center, Poetry flirting around with the others!

  • This shawl looks right up Dana’s alley. If she knit shawls. I love your combo, Kay. It looks so refreshing. My favorite so far is ….gosh darn, just when I think I’ve decided I look back at the other one(s) and want that one instead. The beauty, to me, of all those criss-cross lines is that they hold almost any combination together. I wont be able to make this gorgeous thing but will be happy to cheer along on the sidelines. Chloe

  • I love your color choice!

  • Kay, the knitter wailed, I knew just what order I was going to work my colors on Version B then I read your article and I’m back at square 1 labeled confused!

    • Hi Lynn,

      I bet the MDK Lounge would have some help or at least opinions for you!

      • Got it figured out, Kay, thanks. Ended up with them in the same order I laid them down in when I tossed my stash for possibilities. 1. Mad Tosh Beautiful Liar (shades of lilac purple), 2. Mad Tosh Brick Dust (a gold-red-orange, almost pastel but not quite), and 3. Mad Tosh Cold Blood Red. Moral support appreciated.

  • I’d like to knit this lovely shawl from stash and am wondering what yardage would be needed for each color for the B version. Thanks.

    • Hi Sally,

      I don’t have precise yardage requirements for each color but Raiz is put up in skeins of 435 yards. Version B requires less than a full skein of colors A and B and even less of color C. Happy stash-tossing!

      • Thanks, Kay!

  • No flag to save. 🙁

  • Kay, was that you I saw in a photo from my LYS (White Barn Sheep and Wool)?

  • “Just in time for festival season, when you want to be wearing something that makes knitters ask questions, because that is how knitters make friends.” Yes! And if I weren’t knitting to my own personal Halloween deadline, I would be Team B all the way, in chocolate/magenta/blue combination. ! I can’t wait to see these shawls.

  • And to give the Chocolate, Magenta and Blue colors their true names: Sequoia, Aliteration, and Constellation!

  • Such a beautiful project! Thank you for the opportunity.