Knit to This: Dan Zanes

By Kay Gardiner
September 7, 2019

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  • We love Dan Zanes! Took the kids to see him when they were small and they had a wee mosh pit down front. He played “I don’t wanna go home” last and led a procession out of the theater. My youngest doesn’t remember and my oldest talks about it like it was a dream she had.

  • Ok, I put that song on and my dog, who was anxious and pacing because I’m getting ready to go out, immediately lay down and fell peacefully asleep. I think I’ll pull up his songlist and leave it playing for her!

  • We have a big gap in age between our three older kids and our “caboose baby”— they were basically 13, 11, and 7 when he was born. They all grew up on Dan Zanes— you’ve reminded me that I should put those albums on for the now-6-year-old little one (who has grown up on the safer tunes of Hamilton, to be honest. You want a revolution? I want a revelation.). 🙂

  • Have you listened to young Josh Turner sing duets with friends and guitar? Wonderful strumming and voices.

  • Brilliant recommendation! Usually on similar YouTube playlists are the Okee Dokee Brothers too – their Winterland album makes for perfect knitting music when it’s cold out!

  • Having a tooth ach……my dentist loves me..time to grab some go9d stuft

  • My baby turns 17 this week. This brings back memories….

    • Lynn in Tucson, I’m in Tucson, too! We should meet up and knit to Dan! I’m lucky enough to have married a sound guy who did audio for one of Dan’s gigs a few years back. I got to listen in on the sound check and the whole show, which was full of kids dancing on stage with him. Magical. He was delightful to meet, as well.