Ask Patty: Moving Stitches and Untwisting Cast-ons, Oh My!

September 4, 2019

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  • Thank you so much for the casting on tip. I’d always thought that the annoying untwisting was one of those things we just had to put up with. And it’s such a simple technique – perfect.

  • Wonderful column! With casting on, I have the opposite problem. My working yarn gets OVER twisted. Any advice?

    • Are you putting your working yarn over your thumb when you do long tail? If the tail is over your thumb you won’t have that problem.

    • The yarn butterfly will still solve this – it will twizzle the other way!

      • Or if it is the end connected to the ball, use a peg to hold the strand in place and let the ball twizzle.

  • Love the Hourglass pullover! Any clue as to where I can find the pattern?

  • Moved a cable design on a sweater awhile ago…now that was fun…now working on stranded mittens for my sister…almost finished….deb

  • Clever, clever. I wondered about that untwisting in the long tail cast on, but never did anything about it!

    • I always figured it was just me!

      • “it’s not you, it’s the yarn!” 😉

  • Thanks, Margie!! I appreciate it! 🙂

  • When I find a long-tail caston untwisting the yarn on me (most often with Lett Lopi), I use a knitted or cabled caston instead.

  • Thank you so much for the long-tail-untwisting hint. I’ve been noticing that problem for years (I’ve been knitting for 70 years). Every time i’ve mentioned it to others, I get blank looks, or, worse, ‘doesn’t happen to me’ comments. I ‘ve always thought it was something stupid that i was doing. I’m soooo happy to find out I’m not crazy.
    So what about all the knitters i’ve asked about this? Are they just oblivious?

  • Love the butterfly tip for the tail when doing a long tail cast on for a lot of stitches. have used it often.

  • Ha, I feel brainy now – I came up with that butterfly idea too. (Although I did spend a lot of time retwisting before I thought of it!)