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  • Must have that t shirt…we gotta eat to knit!

    • It bears repeating!

      • More recipes, please! I’vemade all three more than once!

        • Music to my ears, Sara. Thank you. I planted my spring crops on February 14th. It has been a long season of growing. Hoping to get back to writing. ❤️

  • Sheer delight — & adaptable for single persons! Thank you

    • Thanks, Barbara! I keep Costco’s Italian sweet sausages in the freezer at all times. The sausage sheet pan recipe is my go-to last-minute dinner because I always have the other ingredients, the veggies, in the house.

      • My brother said ‘Would you knit a sock pattern from America’s Test Kitchen? Why would you make salmon from a knitting site?’
        Silly man. Best salmon dish ever. I am not a cook and I did it! Thank you!
        Off to explore sock patterns on the ATK site 🙂

  • I love the cat the most. Everything is better when supervised by a cat. They always manage to look faintly (or sometimes not so faintly) disapproving.

    The shawl is lovely too.

    • Kermit may look disapproving, but when in his physical presence one can feel the beams of positivity that he radiates.

  • Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tatin recipe is behind NYT paywall.

  • Funny … I got out my Sheet Pan Supper Cookbook last weekend looking for a no-fuss prep and quick cleanup meal that would feed me for more than one meal — to enable me to have more time to finish up my Cabled Cardigan for this fall weather that seems to have begun early.

  • Agreed!!! Eggs with leftovers the next day is a staple!

  • I’m planning a pretty epic tomato and corn binge this weekend. May throw in a lobster for good measure.

    • I’m not kidding about tomatoes for every meal right now. They are so good this year! My lycopene levels are through the roof!

      • I like tomatoes chopped up with some red wine vinegar, olive oil and smashed fresh garlic, plus S&P for a delicious lunch salad. Lovely with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. I can eat a giant bowl of this stuff. Sometimes I add a little sweet onion to mix things up.

  • Well now, you’ve done it again. I am loving your posts lately!!!!

  • We loved both the Lemon Chicken and Italian one from previous posts. Ditto now the taste of the salmon one, but the keeping track of the cooking times on the salmon was more challenging, especially when you have other things to do — like learning to make a good Moscow Mule. Dinner worked out well (if a little bit haphazardly) but the Mule needs work. Maybe I should consult with Thea Colman about that.

    • Thank you. I’m clueless when it comes to making cocktails, Chloe!

  • for those (like me) with a greenhouse/garden full of generously producing tomatoes may i suggest this recipe by Jamie Oliver ?


    because i also have loads of onions in my garden i add a couple of finely chopped ones to the recipe. Jamie even has a suggestion for what to do with leftovers but i have yet to see my family leaving any of it!

    • also meant to add that it works with vegetarian/vegan sausages too.