Summer Reruns: The Columbo of Cormo

By Kay Gardiner
August 26, 2019

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  • Excellent article! Thank you for posting it.
    Can you please lead us to the pattern for the gray scarf worn by the second woman on the left in the group photo above?

    • That is Amy who is @urbanfarmwife on Instagram.

    • I believe the scarf pattern is Open Waters Shawl by Melanie Berg.

      • Thank you. I agree with everyone’s comments about Jillian’s articles. They are all very helpful.

  • Jillian’s articles are some of my favorites. I always feel like I have learned something incredibly useful.

  • I had the opportunity to take Jillian’s class at the MAFA conference this past July—she’s an excellent teacher and a delightful person!

  • I call Jillian Moreno a GENIUS !!! I’m pretty sure I have saved all her articles as I’ve read them but saving this puts them all in one place at my fingertips thank you MDK!

  • Question: What espinner is that and what is that blue and white bottle to the left. Used for what?