Sock Skills: Tweaking the Fit of a Short-Row Heel

August 21, 2019

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  • Brilliant! Thanks for this. I have mostly knitted socks as gifts, finally got around to wearing two pairs myself and I am intrigued by the way they feel wonderful and fit fine . . . but – yes, just bit of tweaking would make them perfect. I am looking forward to working through your suggestions.

  • Kate, harika bilgiler. Bir gün yapabilmeyi çok isterdim. Türkiye’den selamlar…

    • Teşekkür ederim. Thank you. (Google Translate to the rescue!)

      • I knitted one pair of knee socks for my daughter. I was so frustrated with instructions that were more advanced than I was. You may just get me over my phobia and give it a try again!

  • THANK YOU isn’t enough! I never considered myself an official Sockist but WAHOOOOOOOOOO! I can now officially leave the Tube Sock gang in the dust. 😉

  • After 40 plus years of knitting socks, you have finally explained why my heels always wore out before the toe. A great big thanks to you.

  • Realizing I can knit different sock circumferences to custom fit different areas of the foot was a game changer!

    My last sock was Flap and Gusset—After the foot, I increased gusset and added an extra 8-stitch pattern repeat to back of leg

    My current sock I’m going to making adjustments on the German Short Row Heel and so glad to come across your suggestions!

  • I am thinking of trying an afterthought heel for the first time. I have a high instep and haven’t measured yet but have a feeling I will have your results. Can I do an afterthought heel on 36;of my 64 stitch sock?

    • Absolutely, the same advice applies for afterthought heels!

  • Kate, your book is great and helped me understand how to craft socks that finally fit (high instep). Thanks so much for this article, Kate, Ann, and Kay!

  • I have both of the books about custom fitting socks and the knitting dictionary. I really appreciate your detailed instructions in this post and your book on sock knitting. Thank you for going the extra mile for your readers.

  • Knitted my late husband socks for over 30 years
    Have learnt lots from your site

    • I am a beginner..struggling along but loving the walk(giggle). Working on slipper socks in bulky..14 stitches in heel and the instructions given for 10 stitches..I am baffled..any suggestions would be marvelous..Mimi

      • The tricky part will be to remember the first sock modifications so you can repeat them on the second sock.

  • Thank you! I like the elegance and look of the short row heel, but it’s not deep enough and the sock was baggy at the top of the ankle. I’m going to try this!

  • Good evening! Your book is available in Russian?
    I would like to understand the negative increase in the length of the sock.
    As part of charity, I was supposed to knit socks for the elderly. but I can’t do it without understanding how the sock works.