Lazy Sunday: Our Planet

By Ann Shayne
August 18, 2019

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  • Outlander. The novel tells about the burning of the home. The main character is glad she was wearing her linen gown. Because she would have been burned to death if she had been wearing her woolen gown. Duh. Linen = cellulose = insanely flammable. Wool smolders, does not burn.

    And the author has a walking scene, filling woolen woven cloth. Nowhere so they pick up a spindle, sit at a wheel or loom, or sew any clothes. And that “plaid” gets given away, taken away, burned and cut up, but is always restored, clean.

    Moral: Don’t take any fiber advice from Outlander.

    • thank you for my first smile of the day.

      • But hopefully not the last, Lorna! (It was my first smile of the day, too.)

      • Ann, it’s ok. We love you

  • My Sunday morning begins with Lazy Sunday and other miscellaneous reading. Ann, we share the same opinion of the Outlander series. Gosh, I wanted to like it! These Scots are my ancestors! I will share that what I do like is this book called Highland Knits: Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander Series. Patterns are knitting only. (Some reviewers were grumpy about this.) I made the capelet and am making a second. I love the thing for coming autumn weather….and chasing down men in kilts.

    My other reading this morning is The Climate Report and it ties in nicely with the Our Planet recommendation. It is a government report. It is mandated that the report be submitted every four years to Congress and the President. This one was published in 2018. Every person on the planet should be reading this data. In many ways it is terrifying, but it can also be a wake-up call for our civilization. We have to do something. Is there really any other choice?

  • I am back from 2 weeks at Chautauqua Institute in NY where Bill moyers and Bill Mckibben were two of the several speakers who outlined the necessity for paying attention to our human and specifically our United States behaviors as members of our fragile planet. Politically and practically and spiritually we have neglected our role as co-livers with all the others who share this earth. On Septembet 20 there will be groups all over who will join together to call for more action and acknowledgment to take responsibility for our choices. We can make a difference but soon it will be too late. Get on line and find a group in your area and support this crucial action. Take your hand craft with you. Ann Arnett

  • Sir David Attenborough has long been my hero. He has spent his life showing us our world, with steady eyes and a sensibility that commands grassroots action. Thank you for highlighting his masterpiece!

  • It’s rough out there if you are on two legs or four or eight

  • Excellent recommendation! Our own harmful impact on our planet is even greater than realize, and we must seek to stop, maybe even reverse some of, the damage. There is an excellent article today on about the loss of the Okjökull iceberg in Iceland. There are memorial gatherings planned and a plaque has been installed.

    The shocking danger to our future life as we know it is immense as outlined in this article: It’s pretty scary.

  • I read the Outlander books until the violence overwhelmed the interesting parts. I’m glad to know others found it upsetting. At least with a book, you can skip ahead.

    Clever idea, though, the concept of the series. I learned some history. I never watched any of the TV series, although I think it has been a favorite with many fiber folk.

    I’ve been watching Agatha Raisin on Amazon. Cheery.

  • Flammable or not, haha, Outlander does have some amazing knits.That big comfy Cowl!
    I’m pretty sure they are on Ravelry so you don’t have nightmares to enjoy them!

  • Hmmmmm , I love the nature movies. I will check it out thanks!