Dana’s Edit: Fall Transitions

August 12, 2019

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  • Impeccable taste as always!

    • Tempting, all! Thank-you for this design review. I’m especially in for Veza. But had to check every link because…sweaters!

  • Oh good grief. You have just added three sweaters to my must knit list. Thank you!

  • That big smile on your face gives all your knits anextra pop!

  • hey there researcher thanks so much for sorting it all out with the wonderful smile!

  • KAME is beyond cool I wish I could knit faster

  • More sweaters to love and knit! Thank you.

  • Now I’m picturing the matching sweaters for the dogs!

  • Dana is so inspiring – Sure, I can knit 3 more sweaters between now and October! Who needs to worry about that pesky day job?

  • I live in North Texas and most years it doesn’t get even chilly until November. Other years we are in shorts until after Christmas so in-between doesn’t mean much. I love sweaters but don’t get to wear them much. Then there is that odd year that it snows at Thanksgiving and is freezing until April. Just not enough for me. I love your love for color and how outspoken you are. I am quite that way myself. Take care of you and hubby and Jellybean. Linda

  • Love Love Notes, thank you !

  • Enjoyed meeting Dana through this post!

  • Oh wow! I love Love Note! I’ve already added it to my Ravelry queue.

  • Still too warm here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to be thinking wool, but a nice aran weight cotton sweater is on my needles. Wearable through October & well into November. Love your style, Dana. Your previous post inspired me to get a second ball of Yowza to start a-simmetrie once the weather cools enough to work with wool again.

  • Dana, I love your style and your smile. You radiate joy! Thank you for your sweater suggestions today. Knit on!

  • Paleta and Love Note are especially stunning. I have fallen in love with mohair too, once I figured out the 40% silk yarns don’t make me itch. I’m thinking Paleta would be pretty amazing in Neighborhood Fiber Co colorways, if only so I’d get to use more Loft.

    Not sure if Dana reads the comments but if so— where did you get those gorgeous pleated skirts??

  • Dana that has been on my mind too, I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing some patterns I had not seen Paleta before. I think I’m in love!

  • Fingering weight? Noooo, but, now I HAVE to make Kame ! Thank you!

  • Okay, Kame is totally in my wheelhouse! I had to add it to my Ravelry favourites before even finishing your column! Your Love Notes look great, and it’s still in my favourites. I work with wool all summer long, even when it’s sweltering. It’ll always get cold again (she says, despite concerns about climate change…)

  • Great choices all, and perfectly styled too. And like you, I love mohair, so bring it on!

  • Love all of these! But Kame and Love Note definitely need to be in my life. I’m still not quite ready to think seriously about wool yet…. I only just started a whack of summer sweaters because our winter was soooooo long.

  • Dana, I love all of your posts!! Your color choices inspire me!

  • Brilliant!