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  • Rosamund is beautiful! She soooo needs a Franklin sweater.

    (The dog sweaters are very cute, too.)

  • So, you realize that if Rosamund’s sweater (on your sweater) has a picture of you on it, while wearing your dog sweater, you will be knitting infinity!!!!!!!!! It hurts my brain to think about it.

  • OMG, I do so love Franklin’s articles!

  • These are both wonderful books, thanks so much for sharing them! It helps that I am a dog person. I have a kiddo starting art school in Chicago this fall and have started to knit her lots of sweaters!

  • I occasionally dip a toe into crochet waters and I can testify: making a ripple afghan really is fun. For the first foot or so. At least you get to pick your own colors.

  • I love dogs. I love Franklin and all his posts, I love Rosamund and I too have scars from colors of crocheted afghans of the 1970’s. Thanks, Franklin, for making my day.

  • In my similar childhood it was crocheted ripple afghans. Made with acrylic yarn so they are never, ever going to wear out. And avocado green wasn’t just a color for kitchen appliances.

    • Ha! And neither was Harvest Gold. Our mothers must be related – at least in spirit!

  • Just an FYI – if you’re looking up the book on Ravelry, it’s called “Dogs on Jumpers”

    • Rosamund is beautiful in her sweater!

  • I Rosamund. Webster and Brinkley send licks.

  • Is there a chart for a long-haired dachshund? Because my husband will have to have that sweater.

  • I am not a knit a dog on a sweater person, but I am a huge Franklin fan. Therefore, anything you write is alright by me.

  • I ❤️Franklin and now Rosamund as well. She’s a beauty. I don’t think I’m up to a sweater with three Irish Wolfhounds and a rescued St Dane. Maybe a sweater for the St Dane would do. She has Dane fur not St Bernard. But I will check out this book.

  • OMG Franklin. You are a joy! And make me want to like dogs.

  • Rosamund is beautiful! I love her sweater, too. We live in Leadville, Colorado (highest city in the U.S. with the longest winter and only 2 weeks of summer) and I need to knit some sweaters for our dogs–a Staffy/Golden Retriever Mix and an American Foxhound. This article has inspired me!

  • I think Rosamund might be getting a crocheted ripple afghan for the holidays. . .;)!

  • Thanks for the big laughs. Your writing is a balm after a long week!

  • Rosamund’s sweater is absolutely adorable! If you don’t mind my asking, where could I find a pattern for it? My dog is a pitty mix and I have trouble finding sweater patterns that accommodate her broad chest and tiny waist. (Also, I adore the rainbow stripes!)

  • Would it open another dimension if I knit a sweater with my Aussie on it out of yarn spun from the piles of hair I brush off her every week?

    • That is a brilliant idea, (although that might be my ‘70s ripple-crochet trauma speaking)
      I once read about a woman who spun fur from her dog and made toys for her cats from the yarn. I always wondered how the dog felt about that.

  • Do it! Crochet that ripple afghan! I must be the only child of the 70s who wasn’t inundated with those or granny square afghans. The women in my family were sewers and embroiderers not crocheters or knitters.

  • I think in Ravelry the book is listed as Dogs in Jumpers.

  • I love this! The world needs more animal sweaters.

    I’m a cat person and did knit myself a vest with my cat on it. And when I commissioned an artist to do a portrait of my cat, she decided to draw her wearing a vest with me on it. I couldn’t believe it when the portrait arrived! And, naturally, I had to post pictures of me wearing my cat vest holding the portrait of cat while my actual cat looked on. Because there’s nothing crazy about that at all!

  • I am an avid knitter but I have to confess I read your reviews for your amazing humor. You are always saying exactly what I am thinking. Thank you because if I said what I was thinking I would have to visit my therapist.

  • Rosamund looks so classy in her sweater! Your crocheted patterns are so intricate and unique. I’m definitely getting this for Christmas! I want to try learning how to crochet for my Pebbles!

  • I made several dogs from Knit Your Own Dog, and was amazed at how accurate they were, even knitted by me, first try at 3D knitting.

    I think you could do a picture in picture thing, Rosamund wearing a sweater with her on it wearing a sweater with her on it, etc. I’d like to see that.

  • What a joy to read such a fantastic and charming writer! I need a look at the cat book.