By Ann Shayne
August 4, 2019

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  • I missed seeing this in our local cinema but was lucky enough to catch it on a long flight to Asia last year. It’s brilliant – the clothes and runway shows are amazing and it’s a good thing (I think) that it doesn’t skip over the darker parts of his life. He was a genius.

  • Interesting that the design house that bears his name is now the favorite designer of the Duchess of Cambridge

    • Sarah Burton, who took over for Alexander McQueen, is amazing in her own right. No wonder the Duchess of Cambridge favors her for her wedding dress & other ensembles.

  • I rented it and agree that it is beautifully put together. But the film focuses on the runway shows and ignores what was designed for sale. At one point Tom Ford praises McQueen for having spectacular spectacles but also something in the racks for people to buy. THAT output by McQueen is otherwise completely ignored except where celebrities were involved.

  • I just enjoyed my knitting with the McQueen documentary. It was wonderful and so sad. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Love love love Alexander McQueen. I have a McQueen handbag that I will treasure forever.

  • Check out the Zac Posen documentary as well.

  • On your recommendation, I watched this yesterday (8/10.) I am not a fashionista and really didn’t know anything about McQueen’s clothing or life. This documentary totally sucked me in but I had to put down my knitting and watch the beautiful/exotic/unique clothing spectacle. Not sure this is really a knitting documentary!!! I did find the whole thing fascinating.

    • I mean not a documentary to knit TO.