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  • Enjoyed reading these helpful reviews! Thank you!

  • Franklin, thanks so much for calling these books to my attention. I would never have even glanced at a book about knitting animals as I am not good with fiddly and have never knitted any animals. However, if it’s aimed at children I might think about giving that fox scarf a try…

    Also I am going to buy the yarn sub book right now. Just what I and many other knitters have been needing.

    And thanks too for being Franklin and being funny. I need funny first thing in the morning.

  • Dear Franklin,

    How aggressively should I block my alpaca baby sweater so that it will cover a Mini Cooper? Thanks in advance,


    • I’m dying here! 😀 Between you, Franklin, and good coffee, my morning is taking an upward tick!

    • Dear Wendy,

      I’m delighted that you asked.

      I find that to fit a Prius, an alpaca sweater requires little more than a gentle steam to encourage the yarn to relax. Stretch it gently over the automobile, beginning at the rear bumper. The areas around the mirrors may require a little coaxing. Do not pin out, as this may activate the air bags. Allow to dry thoroughly before driving.

      My friend’s brother says that this one kid did a wet block and he got his sweater to fit around a Ford pickup. But I don’t know.

      Your pal,

      • This one kid! I thought “inadvertent Prius cover” was going to be the best part, but then you went and topped it. This whole thing has made my day. xoxo

      • Just laughed out loud under the dryer at the hair salon. Funny looks from the ladies! Loved this and have also ordered the yarn substitution book!

      • OK, I can’t stop giggling over this! And I thought the first sweater I knit my husband that turned out to be more suitable for use as a tent than a pullover was pretty bad. I should have aimed higher! 😉

      • Oh lord, I cant stop giggling! I’m off to order some alpaca right now! ….and possibly all three of these books

    • same. my Rosie gets cold in the winter, even in the garage.

  • Um, yeah, I definitely need a panda bear mug cozy.

    • Me, too!

    • Don’t we all? I think we all do.

    • Same here. My son-in-law definitely needs one for Christmas. Off to order the book…

  • Thank you! I really need the book on Yarn Substitution. I almost always have a hard time sourcing the yarn a pattern designer recommends. So I have ordered it!

  • Franklin, I love you

    • Madame! I blush! 🙂

  • Is the Sweet Valley cardigan from this book?

    • Yes, the Sweet Valley Cardigan is from Carol Sulcoski’s “Yarn Substitution Made Easy,” the first of the three books.

      • Great! I just bought it! Thanks!

  • Like fabric, not all yarns of the same ‘type’ are alike.
    And here is where I bemoan the loss of some LYSs … touching and feeling and seeing is so very very important. Not just for color.

    Thanks for the great review, as always, Franklin!

    • Yes.

      • And this is exactly why I should never say things to myself like “you may not buy any more knitting books. You have plenty.” Apparently I don’t . Thank you Franklin! I adore you and your classes and your patience and your puppy ❤️.

  • Totally want that purple aardvark (?) now.

  • Thanks for these great reviews.

  • Dangit, Franklin! I do love your way with works and these books will use up some of the Amazon giftcard my sister gave me. All useful, informative and FUN. Thanks for the head’s up on blocking alpaca. Love reading your posts.