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  • Love the pictures. GO CUBS!!!!

  • So fun to see all this! Currently into making stuffies but socks are definitely in my future!

  • I should finally get started. That’s what I bought those DPNs for.

  • Are the socks knitted from the pictured and painted sock blank? I always wondered what would come out of a blank painted with circles of color.

    • No, the knitted socks are from Ann’s sock blank, which she painted in log-cabinish strips of color.

      Mine is the one with circles, and I’m anticipating short single-row stripes in those sections, as the pink (cochineal) will keep getting interrupted by the yellow (persimmon). I’m going to cast on the sock blank next because curiosity is killing me.

      • The yellow and the gray, which is logwood.

        • Nice. Love natural dyes. I need to learn how to paint with them. Maybe need the natural dye extracts. I have some of these.

    • I am on sock two of pair #1! Toe up, all over seersucker pattern. It’s beautiful! I didn’t think I could do it, but I breezed right thru the second heel, and thought, “oh, this is pretty easy.”

      Out of curiosity…where are the weekly winners announced? Is it at the end of August? Or did I miss something?

      • Encouragement needed! I have a copy of M-D Field Guide 11, a skein of Lichen and Lace, a #1 circular needle and a lot of enthusiasm for knitting socks. I’m terrified of double pointed needles! I’ve used them a little with success but much clumsiness! Should I order the #2’s? Or should I use the new bendable double points? If so, what size? Also, is top down or bottom up easier for a first timer??
        Any and all suggestions welcome!

  • Easiest sock pattern in the world…..?…..any thoughts? It’s on my bucket list. TY!!

  • So many beautiful socks! It’s because of you, Ann and Kay, and also GG, of GGmadeit, that I finally signed up for an Instagram account so that I can see all the knitterly goings-on! I am waving to you all from over here in Summer Scarf-ville, where I expect to be until I start my own version of Holiday Knitting in August. If that seems early to some, it’s because the holiday I’m knitting for is Halloween, and the knitting is not for others, but for my own Halloween costume. I have very specific needs and multiple projects in mind. I am not a very speedy knitter, so it’s best that I get cracking before too long! Oh, and the scarf I just finished was Kate Davies’ Polkagris. It managed to be both simple and fun in the knitting, and the scarf turned out about as well as I had hoped! Next up: a feather and fan shawl that I will knit as long as the 530 yards of my cake hold out. Or if it seems long enough and/or I get bored or worried that Halloween is approaching too quickly.

  • I crochet tube socks – am I still welcome?

  • Who needs a prize, when you get to have the fun of knitting socks!

  • Breathtaking pictures! So fun!

  • I started knitting a pair of socks based on the challenge while in South Dakota last week, but forgot to take any pictures. I will post a pic once they are finished. LOVE Snippets!