KERMIT TAKEOVER Knit to This: Louis Armstrong

June 29, 2019

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  • THANK YOU! My Mom loved this man and his music! What a Wonderful way to start my day! THANK YOU!

  • <3 Oh boy has it been a heckofaweek!!! But I believe love will triumph in the end. Meanwhile, kniting and knitty friends is keeping me sane

  • I enjoyed watching Mr. Armstrong an American treasure. As a young children I lived in the same apartment building as Luis Russell who performed with him. When Mr. Russell was very ill Mr. Armstrong visited him and I was able to see him. We were blessed to have had both of these amazing artists! Luis Russell’s daughter, who was a friend of mine, continues their legacy. Catherine Russell check her out.

    • Catherine Russell—what a talent. I didn’t know about her father. Thank you!

  • thank you ,Kermit. Love Bonnie and Fiona

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! I could listen to it every day and never tire of it. I was a resident camp director for many years and one year we taught this song to the campers in sign language. You’ve never seen anything more beautiful that 300 children of all ages and races singing and signing this song. It gives you hope that everything really will be all right. Thanks for giving me a big ole smile (and maybe a sentimental little tear) this morning.

    • Dear Kermit, thank you for thinking of us humans and reminding us that we have so many things/reasons to be grateful. You are a thoughtful kitty!

  • Love it when Kermt takes over. I have Louis on my Spotify play lists along with The Animals, The Doors, The Beatles, The Righteous Brothers, and all things Motown, among others. Thank you. Janne, Crockett, Nick, Petey, Maisie.

  • Hi Kermit. Thanks for this wonderful video and song. I agree that this was “the thing to hear on today”, as it has been some week. However, it is the weekend now. Tell food lady to give you a nice smoked salmon treat. Enjoy!

  • Perfect. Thank you.

  • I love it! I agree this has been a surprising week. Thanks for reminding us of the basics.❤️

  • Much needed. Thank you.

    • Kermit, you are my hero!

    • Moments of love matter. Thank you, handsome Kermit, for these moments.

  • One of my faves. Too bad more people aren’t like Louis Armstrong.

  • Thank you for the reminder, Kermit Xoxo

  • Kermit! Always lovely to get a post from you.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I seldom find myself capable of sitting through an entire video, but just watching Louis Armstrong and really listening to his words, was a true gift this morning. Kermit, you know what your audience needs and your timing is spot on! I also got a little teary. I thought of all of the struggles that Armstrong must have had to overcome in his life, and yet he could deliver those beautiful lyrics. Surely we can get through this bump in the road, and we must remain optimistic while doing so. I hope your Food Lady brings on lots of salmon this week, Kermit. You deserve it.

  • Precious words for today ! Let’s just love one another and of course , knit on !

  • This was one of my dad’s favorite songs & it brings tears to my eyes whenever I listen to it. It’s a beautiful song & Louis Armstrong’s voice is like none other. Thank you Kermit.

  • Kermit, you are a dear to post this wonderful video. I’ll feel better all day for listening to it. Thank you so much. I hope food lady gives you lots of smoked salmon.

  • Perfect!

  • Kermit, you’re the best!

  • Kermt I just want to tell you to please locate and watch the program on public teevee about Louis Armstrong’s house in Corona, Queens which is a museum now and it is a wonderful story about his life in Mew York with his Mrs. Armstrong. Mew York was a honest typo but I left it in considering who I am talking into. Please Kermit watch the program, it is a little earnest and public teeveeish even for me but the details of it are extraordinary which means the opposite of extra ordinary Kermit this is a spoiler but the babies in the song are from Corona love you big boy

  • Thank you.
    It has been a week here in the ‘ole U.S. of A.
    Love has to win. It just has to.

  • We we’re eating pecan waffles with fresh strawberries, and we thought ” What could be better?” Then we clicked on the wonderflness… Thank you, Kermit.

  • I remember singing this in the school Chorus in junior high. At the time, I thought it was a really old song. Huh. Turns out, the ink was barely dry.

  • Thank you Kermit. Love you and your takeovers.

  • Pets to you Kermit. I remember the year well – h.s.graduation – turmoil in the Motor City. Uplifting song sung beautifully by a fave icon.

  • Thanks for the song – social media the last has been very contentious. I’m afraid that there has been some inadvertent bullying. Me, I’m trying to remain chill.

  • Thank you, Kermt.

  • Beautiful. A timely reminder. LOVE this song.

  • Not quite there….trying ….Not so much

  • Kermit, you are so clever! I thank you and your Lady for posting this great song by Louis Armstrong. I have shared it on FB with a young mother named Hailee Z. and her young daughter named Lilah, in hopes that they will feel loved and inspired after a serious car accident. You’re special, Kermit! Thanks.

  • Thanks Kermit! So needed, and so appreciated!