On the Toes of Socks

By Ann Shayne
June 25, 2019

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  • Thanks for the reminders. Kate certainly seems to have all the techniques one will ever need.

    On another note, I have been unsuccessful at getting to the Lounge. Is there a problem on your end or is it my iPad being cranky?

    • Hi Pamela,

      Try logging in to your MDK account and see if that makes things better. I was just over in the Lounge and it seems to be working fine.

      • Must be my iPad. Even after logging into my account, I can’t access the Lounge. Technology often baffles me.

  • Question: Why does Field Guide #11, devoted to socks, have beautiful dish-or-hand towels on the cover? Just very curious.

    • I wondered the same! The cover is beautiful, and I would love to hear the thought process behind the chosen image, from a design standpoint,

      • I was so gleeful to find a whole Field Guide devoted to knitting socks that I never even noticed there were no socks on the cover! Good catch, ladies – and now I join those who want to know…

        • The Field Guides are full of mystery . . . ; )

    • Yep, I wondered the same.

  • I have a burning Kitchener question that I have not seen answered anywhere else…so here goes. As a long-time sock knitter I have memorized the Kitchener stitch. But what happens with the last stitch? I put my darning needle through the stitch, remove the knitting needle and gently pull. And I have this ugly loop that I have to re-jigger into the inside of the sock. Every video I have seen shows the Kitchener stitch for the middle of the toe. I have never seen a demonstration of actually finishing the stitch and getting a tidy toe. Any suggestions?collier