It’s Here! MDK Field Guide No. 11: Wanderlust

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
June 14, 2019

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  • Are there different sizes or just S,M, L?

    • There are 4 sizes, s – xl

  • Is there an electronic version of the book?

  • Never mind….i’m Still partly asleep.

  • That’s it! I’m going to finish my first pair of socks this summer. (I think you had me at Lichen and Lace.)

  • Oh, no! You had me at socks. That’s my default knitting.

  • I’ve knit socks before but they always wear out so soon in the heels. Is there a fix for that?

    • You could do an afterthought heel. Then when it wears out, you just rip it out and replace it (maybe this time with a contrasting color of yarn).

      • My socks are about ten years old and still going, my constant footgear. Fine gauge – finer than usually recommended on 1’s or 0’s. Yes. And, a carry-along of silk buttonhole twist or comparable at the heel turn. Works for me, and, that afterthought heel can be a very good thing, indeed. Good luck!

        • Thanks JDU. Great suggestion and I will do this on the next pair!

      • Thanks Judy! I’ll give it a try

  • Well, you’ve convinced me to try my first pair of socks! Off to pick a yarn!

  • You guys are working so hard! The book and yarns look great!

  • I just ordered the book — it’s socks for everyone for Christmas this year. I especially love the rose-colored one and the bright blue. The colors call to me. I can’t wait to get my needles started on them.

  • Looks wonderful! Do you include instructions for magic loop knitting for the patterns as well or just DPNs?

  • Beautiful! I especially like the name “Wanderlust”. I have not knit socks for many years, and I think I will start again. I already asked my LYS to place a copy on hold for me and I will pick it up next week.

  • have already subscribed to your newsletter would apreciate it if I didn’t have to have your subscription notice pop up every time i look at your site for info thanks

    • I agree, that pop up for Snippets, when you already receive it, is very annoying!

      • Sorry about that. Shouldn’t happen unless you’re using a new browser or device to access the site, or you clear your cookies. Once in a while I get the pop up and I’m all “do you know who I am lol?”

        • wow, i didn’t know that. i never clear cookies and am on every day. i always get the pop-up, too. i also have to give my info every time i want to comment, even though i tell it to save my info so i shouldn’t have to fill in. i’ll double check my settings on my 3 devices, but isn’t that weird?

          p.s. love this new Field Guide

        • I signed up for the newsletter quite a while ago and get the reminder every single time I open one

        • I also get the Snippets popup every time, even though I’m already subscribed. It never knows who I am!

        • I get it every time on every page. Perhaps it’s time to try a new method of attracting subscribers anyway? Mentioning it in the articles themselves is more likely to work. Most people just click any popups away on instinct thinking it’s a pointless advert.

        • I also get the pop-up on every page, every time, FWIW. I didn’t realize you guys didn’t know?

  • A summer of sock knitting! I’m on it. I’ve been knitting socks for several years now and Barnyard Knits is my very favorite. Kim is a natural. Can’t wait to get started.

  • You don’t say if these yarns are superwash or not. Could you?

    • If you click on the yarn name, it gives more details and close up photos of each color. According to the descriptions, they all are superwash.

  • Yea,socks. I like the toe and pattern options. Can you tell us about the heels?

  • Very cool! I have completed two pair of toe-up socks all alone (sounds sadder than it was, lol) in my knitting life and enjoyed them once I got the hang of it! Looking forward to more with this fun and lively virtual bunch o’ knitters!

  • I am SO on this! I knit a lot of socks (don’t even need a pattern), but I’m always interested in new tricks, especially a heel that doesn’t schlump all over the place. (So far, afterthought heels fit the best, but I’m always up for learning a new heel technique.) Also the KAL — I usually don’t participate, because I just want to knit what I want when I want, but I think I will learn some things from this. Thank you

  • Yeah!! I’m so looking forward to this field guide. I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit socks but have been putting it off as I wanted to finish all of my in progress projects. I know that once I start knitting socks I won’t stop!

  • Each skein is more beautiful than the next! How to decide?!

    • My thoughts exactly!

  • I have several lifetimes of sock yarn in my stash. After all, it’s so beautiful, it’s only one skein, it’s souvenir vacation yarn, it’s so soft, a knitting biddy has some and I want some too, etc. we all have the same excuses. Then there is the sock pattern book diet……well, this book is just too wonderful to pass up! It’s one I can pack to go with me anywhere, along with my beloved dpn’s! Thank you!

    • Sorry….should be knitting buddy

    • Isn’t the size of these books just perfect? Travel size book for travel size project. I too have a tub full of sock yarn. The perfect souvenir and often irresistible in one skein bites.

  • Ordered! I used to knit socks all the time, but for some reason, I’ve stopped over the last few years. And that’s too bad, considering the size of my sock-yarn stash. So I’m sure this will inspire me to get back at it!

  • A bold choice, all one thing! I never got bit by the sock bug, have made several pair but it just didn’t do it for me, so it looks like I’ll have a gap in my Field Guide collection. Looks like a great variety of patterns and methods for the multitude who do love sock knitting, though!

  • You didn’t mention if there are tips to knitting a custom fit sock in the book. Does it include all the info for measuring and then knitting a well fitting sock?

  • Website won’t let me check out my shopping cart. Have backed out and reordered twice with same result.

  • Wondering if it is one skein per pair of socks? And will there be a choice of techniques? I’ve tried before without getting hooked, but I’d love to love it ……

    • Hi Ann! A skein that’s 360-400 yards will make a pair of socks sized s, m, l, or xl. Of the four yarns we’re offering, Spud and Chloe comes in 200-yard skeins–which means you can order two different colors and have fun making striped socks, or colorblock toes and heels.

  • I’m in. I just ordered my copy which will be on its way soon. I love the thought about attending KAL, too. I have never entered one but I think I could handle it if it socks.

  • I’ll wait for the next guide. There is no fun in sock knitting. First of all you have to make two. Second, they hurt my feet anyway.

    • Sock knitting it total fun! I’m looking forward to getting the publication. I wear handknit socks every day if the year!

    • they are a little smoother on your feet if you knit the foot inside our – knits inside and purls on the outside.

  • Oh, I wish I liked knitting socks! This whole little sock book sounds just wonderful. But I’ve tried and it’s just not for me. However it will bring a whole lot of joy to whole lot of people and those sock yarn colors just sing!

  • Cannot resist this one! No.1 I love sock knitting and No. 2 I am xoming off of a sweater coat project!

  • Love to knit socks and these are great patterns. Will definitely add this book to my collection. Also wondering if MDK has an actual shop in Nashville. Planning a trip there and would love to stop.

    • Hi Pat! the MDK Shop lives only on the internet–no physical shop. That way, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

  • Wanderlust looks wanderful! Did I miss the answer about if the instructions are for magic loop in addition to double points? Thank you!

    • I don’t think so – I’m looking forward to an answer to this question as well 🙂

      • I, too, am waiting to find out if there are directions for Magic Loop. I HATE to try to knit from a pattern for one-at-a-time sock patterns, with all the different sizes listed, and try to translate to ML at the same time. It’s what has kept me from really getting into socks.

        • And I would love to use 2 circs. I just received my Wanderlust Field Guide, which is terrific, but was disappointed to see that it specifies dpns.

  • Yippie, socks!! Love ’em and can’t hardly wait to join in with my favorite dpns.

  • Heels? Looks like only one….

  • It’s just sad that the beautiful yarns cost as much money as they do. It isn’t that I do not understand why; I really do! Still, they are priced beyond my budget. I wait for you all to de-stash

  • Could you please tell me how many pages are in Wanderlust, I live in Australia and wondering if I should download or buy hard copy.

    • It will print 23 pages in the ebook form and the hard copy has 40 pages. The pages for the ebook print on a horizontal sheet with 2 pages from the book on each. I hope that helps!

  • Getting ready to start my first pair of socks on Monday! I know it’s really about gauge but for the needle size fit says size 2 or 2.5mm. But my size 1.5 needles are 2.5mm and my size 2 needles are 2.75mm. Do you recommend going with the metric size?

  • Have made one pair of socks recently. Plain stockinette. But garter bumps under sole of feet are not comfortable for me. Any suggestions for a sock newbie to have more comfortable inside sole? Used Sz 2.75mm needles, Muse yarn 75%superwash25%nylon, average tension. Would softer yarn work or a pattern change? Am I the only supersensitive Cinderella? Help!