Great News About a Great Book

By Kay Gardiner
June 6, 2019

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  • This is just for the patterns – you do not get the real heart of the book, which is the social history of the islands. The patterns are fabulous though.

  • Will be missing all of you at this year’s Shakerag. But I vow to make it back next year. Hoping the rain won’t dampen your spirits much

  • I am so very grateful that my genetic profile included my grandmothers love of knitting. My mother despises knitting because it’s a waste of time. If it weren’t for knitting, I would probably be hospitalized in a remote place, unknown to anyone.
    I will have to purchase the book because of the stories but if it weren’t for MDK, I would only have a vague awareness of this beautiful book.

  • I got the book when it first came out and leapt at the announcement of the digital format – bought it in a heartbeat. And then discovered that I already had a digital copy! It must have come as part of my kickstarter premium. But I don’t care, it’s worth buying multiple times, and with the digital I can print out patterns without having to fit the book into a copy machine. Someday I will knit that suffragette sweater!

  • I have wanted this to come out in e-format since first I saw it. I’m one of those peeps who doesn’t actually like hard-copy books with patterns in them because they’re challenging to photocopy without harming the book and I find that wasteful. Also, really heavy books are really unwieldy, even if beautiful. But as I was about to press buy, I realized that the essays (the real reason I wanted the book) are not included in the e-version. Too bad. I guess I’m not going to read this book…

    • I agree that everyone should be able to read the essays. Thank you to those who pointed out that only the patterns are in the ebook. I’m disappointed

      • I’m frankly surprised that the e-version will be sold for 25 pounds (once the sale is over on June 14) when the essays aren’t included. That doesn’t seem very reasonable to me. I’m disappointed and I hope that Susan reconsiders the format in the future.

    • Suggest this book to your public library as a title to add to the collection!

      • I agree!

      • That’s a great idea!!

  • It’s too bad about the e-version only including the patterns. I think the publishers really missed the boat on this. It doesn’t take much more work to include the essays, and they’re why I bought the book in the first place.

  • I have a copy of Susan Crawford’s book–FANTASTIC!! I will pay to get the ebook also. The digital format of the patterns is a blessing.

  • Kay,
    Thank you so much for your comments and opinion on this book. I do not buy ebook, so I will wait until it comes out in physical form.

    • It’s out in physical form already and it’s amazing.

    • It is out in paper format but it costs 48 pounds sterling and that’s before shipping.

  • 50 pounds sterling is a bargain for a book of such extraordinary accomplishment and value.