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  • I wish I could have been there too. Thanks for explaining the Project Threadways concept too. It looks like everyone was well fed in mind, body and creative inspiration.

  • I’d call it a draw ladies. You’re both winners and we the readers are winners in being able to see your postcards and live vicariously through you both! Thank you both

  • What timing for your Postcards! I spent the entire day yesterday piecing an Alabama Chanin pattern from a pdf, cutting out a dress, and then hand-sewing seams. It’s a magical, meditative process to sew a dress by hand, and Natalie Chanin is a brilliant designer and inspirational business owner. I hope to visit Florence, Alabama sometime, and thank you for the links to Project Threadways.

  • I hope to visit there someday. And your sweater will be one of your best. Fate stepped in with the color of those skeins to make it the best. I would love to know more about what you are wearing in the group postcard. I can tell the skirt is Alabama Chanin but what is the linen top? As Fernando Lamas would say “You look marvelous.”

    • That’s my first Alabama Chanin kit, I think it’s called the swing skirt. She still makes it but maybe not in that partial stencil? I kind of randomly beaded it, badly seamed it, and it’s still going strong. The top is from Toast, super comfy linen. Thank you for the sweet words. With these folks I always try to keep my lipstick ON.

  • Fascinating!

  • Great post. Yes, NAFTA was/is a Disaster! Everything that the “left” and a small bald man from Texas predicted came true. Lori Wallach is the best source of factual info. She even says some of Trump’s changes are good! She wrote a book. And runs Trade Watch if anyone wants more info.

  • How fun and how clever of you all to plan a trip to Alabama in springtime, when temperatures have not yet reached the boiling point! (I am assuming about the temperatures, as I see that you and others are wearing long sleeves. Outside.) Your sweater looks great. Finally, I am fascinated by old factories, particularly the old textile factories of New England. If I fully believed in past lives, I would say that I had worked in one!

  • Okay thanks to this, I now own ALL the Alabama Chanin books. Because the kits were too $$$. And that’s okay because recycling, etc. So very interesting. This is a bad road you might have led me down…