Boost Your Knitting: Tubular Cast On in the Round

By Ann Shayne
May 1, 2019

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  • Totally agree on the 747……..

  • Love this new technique for tubular cast on will be my go to edge for mittens and maybe even sweaters

  • Oh thanks! I finally understand what the TCO is. It’s like you’ve created a little hem.

  • This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this method.

  • I think my life has been changed. Brilliant! I have attempted this before, even watched videos. But somehow this one made perfect sense! Thank you Jen!

  • So much easier to understand visually, especially when done by Jen. Written out it is horrible. Still, I am not sure if I have the patience required. Maybe a teeny tiny toy project… Using fat yarn. Thank you so much!

  • Genius! Thank you!

  • Brilliant! I like the polished finish and stretchy edge.

  • Yes, brilliant! I too have tried a couple of times with no success, gave up, and this is the first time I can do it! I’m going to frog a just-begun small cowl and reknit with this tubular cast on. Thank you Jen! And yes to the 747 landing tutorial (just so I could say I know how!).

  • I’ve never tried this method, it looks interesting. I’ll use it next time I do a bottom up sweater. One thought I had – it looks like getting that knit stitch up can be a little tight and fiddly. I wonder if it’s worth doing the last waste yarn row and the first working yarn row on one size bigger needles? Or am I overthinking (as usual)?

  • Heck, I think she could show us how dock a vehicle at the International Space Station.

    • Brilliant!

  • I can knit but I always mess up on shaping arm etc would love to learn to do better an learn how to do those lovely mittens

  • That was… amazing. Absolutely clear, easy to follow, well photographed, with minimal excess chatter (none really)… I have no need for a tubular cast on and I don’t care… I’m finding some thing to cast on tonight and I’m doing tubular. I’m sure I could use a couple pair of mitts for next winter.
    Hurrah for learning! Thank you MDK and Jenn Arnall-Culliford! Consider me boosted!

  • Ohhhhh, NOW I get it! Thanks, Jen!

  • Does this mean that the tubular bind-off is next? A girl can dream…

  • Revelation (and angels singing)!

  • Poof–MIND BLOWN. (This is why knitting is awesome)

  • WOW, who knew, thank you for sharing this…will try it on my hat!!

  • Ann, your first sentence made me literally laugh out loud. I love a good lede. And then I turned around and learned something, so that happened.

  • Really love this technique, it’s simple and works beautifully. I would love to know how to convert to a 2×2 rib version…

  • The video on tubular cast on for the mittens is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! Thank you. It is the first time I have heard anyone actually explain what TUBULAR cast on means!!