Karida Collins

By Ann Shayne
April 28, 2019

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  • Love her yarn, and although I’ve only met her once, I love her and the work she does!

  • Her yarn is indeed lovely – lovely hand. I bought a kit at VKL and the cowl is scrumptious; so scrumptious that I bought more yarn from her this year.

  • Bought my first yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. a decade ago. Sad that it’s taken this long for others to discover these treasures. Of course, it might help if articles like this got the name of the business right.

    • Thanks, Mary Lee. We’ve been carrying Karida’s yarn for years, sometimes a typo just happens. Sorry about that.

      • Love the cowl Karida is wearing. What is the pattern?

        • It’s the High Street Cowl by Ann Weaver. And thanks!

  • I need to give this a listen! I am new to Neighborhood Fiber Co but man Loft is a gorgeous yarn!! The 40% silk instead of the usual 28-30% makes a big difference for me on keeping the mohair fluffy but not itchy. And Karida’s colors are stellar!

    I am intrigued that more Neighborhood yarn is coming to MDK…so I better hurry up and finish the Dunyvaig wrap I’m making with my last order!