The Mini Skeins of Summer Are Back

By Kay Gardiner
April 17, 2019

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  • Talk to me about linen hand towels…. I knit wash cloths in cotton and thought they looked great but they really weren’t functional. Didn’t absorb at all. How ‘bout linen? Do they absorb? Or are they just pretty? Certainly not a bad thing but I’d like to know ahead of time.

    • Linen makes the best hand towels! I have a question: has anyone made the linen sweater shown in this post in a different stripe? I ordered St Lucia and Fire and I’m hoping to mix it up into narrower stripes.

  • When I saw these in last Saturday’s Snippets and then saw Dangling Conversation scarf, then read Kay’s post from Nov.2016, I ordered the Sea color and bought the scarf pattern!! My mini skeins arrive today! Yay 🙂 I’m calling my Dangling Conversation “…and the superficial sighs”
    Thanks Simon and Garfunkel for the inspiration

  • I’ve been looking for yarn to make Dangling Conversation. Your suggestion was just what I needed. Yarn arrived today. Ordered the Santa Fe colorway. Thank you!

    • Charlotte828, can I ask what size needle you’ll be using?

  • Received my Santa Fe package yesterday — gorgeous! Can’t wait, now, to start my Dangling Conversation…a few days until I finish my current WIP. The mini skeins will be perfect for that pattern — I’ve made it before, in a solid color, and can hardly wait to see it grow into the Southwestern beauty it’s destined to be!

  • Sold out already? Wowz.

  • Hope to see a restock of the euroflax linen sooooon!!

  • Oooh those colours!! Do any of these sets have the colour “Pewter” in them? I have some Pewter already and would love one of the sets to stripe it with but . . . so hard to choose colours on line! Would you could you recommend a set that would work with Pewter?

    • The Sea colorway has a grey in it. I think your pewter would look lovely with it. Only problem is they are sold out of every single color now!

  • Where can I purchase the dangling scarf pattern and euroflax sets?

    • Hi Jill. Dangling Conversation pattern is on Ravelry. MDK’s EuroFlax mini skeins are sold out, so idk where to find them 🙁

  • So glad you all ordering more of these! Kay and Ann, have you ever considered doing pre-orders for special yarns or colorways that are exclusive to MDK? I don’t know if the logistics would be feasible for you, but as a consumer I like pre-orders because I don’t have to worry about missing out if I’m not attached to my phone or computer at all times. Of course then my stash really will get out of hand…

  • What size needles did you use? Can’t wait for the yarn to be available.

    • I’m knitting with a 5. I’m a tight knitter and most of the projects on Ravelry who used EuroFlax used 5s. Kay said she doesn’t remember what needle she used, but probably a 3 or 4 as she’s a loose knitter