Off We Go: The Great Isabell Knitalong Begins

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
April 10, 2019

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  • I enthusiastically join the KAL! I’ll be a bit late starting as I’m trying to finish one sweater and cast on another first, but I think I can do it!

  • Ohhh! I just finished spinning my yarn for my Bottom Up Pullover and would love to join this KAL!!

  • I don’t know, I think before I knit anything else I need to find a pattern so I can make myself a pink sheathe dress covered in kicky fringe! Too wild!

    • Don’t forget the matching boots!

    • Me too!!!

  • I got my head start on my Bottom Line Pullover in a Yarn Carnival blue I love! I made it just past the first openwork section and I’m optimistic that this will be my first sweater I actually finish!

  • I would have though that the next KAL would be of the winner of the March Madness. Not that your choice isn’t a lovely sweater, but will you be doing it next? Just curious.

  • I bought the Guide. I love the Petula. But sadly, I am just not a knitter who can handle two sweaters at the same time. Mailin is 90% done. Maybe I will at least be able to cast on the Petula before the KAL is over. Enjoy everyone!

  • But wait! The model with two X-factor cowls around her neck – what is that SWEATER she’s wearing?

    • Me, too! Me, too!

      • enthusiastically third this query

        • Y’all, that’s the thing–we want to know too! It came from the model’s own closet! Will let you know if we get further intel on it.

  • I’ve been working on my Bottom Line Pullover ever since I got my copy of Downtown and the Mohonk Light yarn. What a well-written pattern!

  • I’m in a warm weather knitting mood and love all of Isabel’s patterns. Last week, cast on an Edie and will be working on that as I follow what everyone else is doing here. I think a Bottom Line is definitely in my future.

  • I just finished A Girl’s Best Friend – about an hour ago! So, perhaps it is time to get another IK design on my needles- I love every one of them!

    • I loved making A Girl’s Best Friend–those teardrop thingies were a test of one’s fortitude, that’s for sure. Hope you jump in with us.

  • Is it possible to purchhase the X-Factor Cowl pattern on it’s own? I know it is in the Downtown book, but I don’t want the other two patterns.

  • Wow! Not only are the cowls awesome, but that white sweater below the cowls in the first picture is amazing. Can you share the pattern name? Is there one? Please?!

    • Yes!! I NEED that sweater pattern!! Please do try to find out for us all, Anne.

      • I mean, Ann (without the “e”)!

  • I have my yarn for the Petula. Hoping to swatch during the long bus ride to Six Flags tomorrow. (Chaperoning the Physics field trip)

  • I wish I wasn’t so susceptible to earworms, is all I’m sayin’ here.