Dana’s Edit: Four Spring Sweaters

April 8, 2019

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  • DOO HAPPY Dana is o MDK. SUCH an inspiration!!!!

  • SOOO not DOO.

  • More More! As a relatively new knitter I could read about pattern and yarn pairings endlessly. Thank you!

    • Yes, me too!! I don’t have enough experience with different yarns so it is so helpful when Dana says what she knits with. Now I really want to try knitting with cotton!

  • Dana, I am right along with you! I am knitting the comfort fade cardi but with malabrigo sock for my spring/summer go to sweater. (I live in MI – warm days chilly nights!) you have me wondering what else can I modify????

  • Every time I get my ravelry queue down to manageable proportions (as in, I may knit about ten percent of it before I die…) you put up another post by Dana. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME 😀

  • I know everyone asks this, but when do you sleep?! So much inspiration.

  • Sounds like your Six Points is my Bob. I have made three of these from the free Knitty pattern and just love them. Should I add a natural colored one for this year…

  • Thank you! Spring is just around the corner right? This gave me hope and inspiration!

  • So much inspiration! So much fun!!!

  • Thank you for these great ideas. You’ve helped me look at these patterns in a different light. Love your blog too.

  • Soooooooo excited that Dana will be a regular! Her writing style is great and her posts are just the right length. Love her ideas, too!

  • I love dana and read yards of happiness as much as mason Dixon. what a great addition to your already great blog!!!!!! thank you

  • You have such a good eye for choosing sweater patterns and pairing them with your yarn. Thank you for your inspiration this morning!

  • Hi Dana!
    Thank you for sharing your process. Intrigued by the “yarn board” behind you. Would like to know more details please. Also a little sad there were no dog photos included….

    • Oh my goodness! Now you have me picturing Cher and Jellybean in cute, little, fuzzy, feather featherweight sweaters to match!

  • “I have whipped one up over the weekend”…. oh man, if only I could knit so fast!! As always with Dana, these are such interesting looking patterns and these color choices look like they’ll be fantastic. My endless queue just got 4 sweaters longer.

  • Six point tee will be my next sweater. Great pattern. It is in my favorites list, but didn’t remember…
    Dana is also one of my favorite knitters. I follow her blog, on Instagram , and anywhere else she chooses to write.
    Your joy is infectious.

  • OMG I am so inspired by your prolific knitting and I LOVE the way the six. points sweater fits you! I wouldn’t have thought that was an option for me, being much curvier than the model, but it looks so good on your I would totally give it a try. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom!

  • I love Dana! I love her style, her ideas, her tips, her fun!

  • Dana, you are truly an inspiration! I would love to knit the Six Points Sweater. Rowan All Seasons Chunky is discontinued. What are you using instead?

  • Yesssss! So glad Dana is writing on MDK!

    Dana, love your eye for interesting patterns that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise and then love to see the finished products knit in such gorgeous colors!

  • I love your Feathery Featherweight yarn choices. You’re going to be a fabulous bird of paradise!

  • I also have some katia cotton merino stashed for a joji dark cloud pullover! Great inspiration here, thanks!

  • You had me at Six Point Tee!!!!!!! Your use of color (instead of the beige on the model) grabbed me a d woke me up!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Love your pullover & poncho choices. And it’s sooooooo nice to hear from someone who likes to knit with cotton. There’s so much more to knitting life than Fair Isle & wool.

  • Thank you!!! Love the inspiration from Dana!!!

  • Dana in the house! Yay!! Thanks for the inspiration and color.

  • So glad this is a new column!

  • wonderful picks! thank you!

  • Brava, Dana! I love all the beautiful sweaters you make, and it’s very fun to find you here as well as on your blog!

  • Good choices- love the mouth watering colours you picked for Feather!

  • Dana – I love the Six Point Tee!! How did I ever miss it. It’s such an elegant, but simple design!!

  • Dana is so inspiring! I love her pattern choices and yarn pairings!

  • Love your choices – especially the feather sweater! I would like to knit one, too – but probably boring ole black/white.

    • I just realized that part of the appeal of that Feather Featherweight for me is that it resembles a Chanel jacket, which is one of my holy grail knits if I can ever find the right pattern. Maybe this is it, with this fun yarn.

      • Acutally, I know a pattern that looks like a Chanel jacket…Kantha Cardigan

      • This is a holy grail for me too. I’ve been trying to find the right sewing pattern for one for years. Or a knit pattern. Or both. They’re pretty basic shapes. There are a couple of Chanel type jackets in Vogue Knitting Fall 1996. I am currently knitting the cover sweater from that issue, which is a reboot from VK Fall 1952. Shows how quickly I get around to things.

  • I forgot about that six-point tee — LOVE your hot pink one, DWJ.

  • Dana’s energy is inspiring and I love that 6-point tee – will have to poke around in my stash and see if I can come up with the yarn 🙂

  • Dana has such an amazing presence. She just radiates happiness! Looking forward to more of Dana’s posts.

    • My thoughts exactly!

  • Sweaters are my thing too! I’m not nearly as quick a knitter as you are, but I am going to be perusing my LYS for some summery fibers soon, thanks to this post!

  • Hello, Dana! If I only knew you back when I lived in Waldorf (MD). I worked for UMUC back then, but am now retired and living in rural IL….and hardly any knitters!! Everyone around here crochets or quilts. Love your site.

  • LOVE DANA! Glad she is a contributor to my already-absolutely-favorite knitting site 🙂

  • I’m thrilled to see Dana here!! Such an inspiring knitter and amazing person. I love that hot pink Six Point Tee and I’ve just added Dark Cloud to my queue.

  • How is it that I have never noticed the 6 point Tee?!?!

  • What a fun read to start the week, I love that Dana finds sweaters I’ve missed or overlooked because of not realizing the potential. Can’t wait to see that zing of a Featherweight !

  • Yay, Dana’s here! Welcome! I’m all about the sweaters too (although I swoon when I look at the log cabin blankets Kay Gardiner makes). Speaking of whom, do you think you’ll ever make a sweater out of her favorite denim yarn?

  • That 6 point sweater is gorgeous. Good to see it modeled on different body types. Thanks!

  • I love Dana posts!! Such much inspiration and fun and color and now I am compelled to cast on a sweater in cotton – this will be a first. Gulp.

  • Just found this website and YOU! Excellent article.

  • The word exuberant comes to mind with Dana and we could all use more exuberance. She is a joy. I love the collar on the Kantha cardigan but my memory of those Chanel jackets is that they were mostly collarless. The ‘Chanel-ish Cardigan Jacket’ by Mary Heather Browne/Cogar in a pre-Ravelry book Greetings from Knit Cafe looks pretty darn Chanel to me.

  • Just when i thought novelty yarns died in 2006, i see them resurrected! I cant wait to see your tropical bird colored feather-featherweight. (Featheredweight?)

  • I love your enthusiasm! As I’m still struggling to finish my first sweater for myself (Niagara by Heidi Kirrmaier) I could only add some of these yummy sweaters to my favorites. Keep on with the inspiration!

  • Dana, I am a hat knitter. The fact that you knit something so much bigger than hats is a testament to your sheer awesomeness. 🙂