Dyed with Plants, It’s the Gentlest Color

By Ann Shayne
January 31, 2019

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  • Love this, I cant wait to try this yarn! So beautiful!

  • Truly lovely colors! I was a lucky raffle winner at VKL for yarn from Nutmeg Fibers, very pretty and I’m glad to know about this vendor.

  • those gentle soothing colors – I want every one of them. And just what I needed to see before I trudge off to a dreaded staff meeting! (Why won’t they just pay me to knit all day??)

  • In 1993 I went to the knitting weekend in Putney,VT. My daughter was 9 and had leukemia and my ex-spouse thought I should get away. I live in Denver. The only thing I remember is how wonderful Putney is and I still have the notes.

  • With the subzero temperatures in the Midwest, this is a breath of Spring. I would love to snuggle these lovely yarns.

  • On a different note, I’ve noted that MDK hasn’t picked up on the important discussions on diversity in the creative world (unlike the extensive discussions on other blogs and IG). Seems to be a rather glaring omission. Any plans to step up to the table and join in, ladies?

    • Hi SJ–

      We’re listening to this conversation very closely. The lack of diversity in knitting publications and websites has been a problem for a very long time, and we’re grateful that this issue has moved to the forefront. People of color have shared experiences that are wrenching. This community must do better, immediately.

      Here at MDK, we will do more to celebrate the creativity and promote the work of BIPOC designers, yarnmakers, and knitters. We’re committed to expanding the diversity of the writers we feature, the designers we work with, and the yarnmakers whose products we sell.

      Time is precious. We’re grateful for every person who comes to visit MDK. We hope that everyone who comes to hang out at MDK will feel welcome.

      Thank you for asking about this, SJ.

      Ann and Kay

      • That’s great to hear and I see your latest letter goes into this in a bit more detail. One suggestion – that letter should really include links to the bloggers and Instagrammers leading the discussion on this, who are doing a great deal of the ‘heavy lifting”.

  • They look beautiful! I want to touch them. Lol

  • Natural dyes always make me think of La Lana Wools in Taos. Luisa, the owner, was a master of natural dyes. Her yarns were amazing–the nuances of colors and how they reflected the local landscape. I’ve been hoarding a few last skeins and it’s time they became something special. Thanks for the nudge.

  • I spent the polar vortex dyeing yarn with dyers coreopsis (coreopsis tinctoria). Different results with different mordants and modifiers. Fun stuff!