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  • I just finished a sweater in it (Uniform by Carrie Bostick Hoge) and am delighted with the wool and the feel and lightness of it. It is one of those wools you just want to inhale. It took only three skeins because the yardage is high.

  • Can you recommend Mohonk or Windham for the cast of sweaters in the February knitting blitz??

    • Jillian Moreno swatched Mohonk, with cables, at the same gauge of the Field Guide 9 sweaters, so we’re pretty confident it’s a good match. Here’s the link to her article with photos of the swatches:


      To be sure you like the fabric, it would be wise to swatch with Mohonk, although personally I tend to just jump in with both feet, especially if Jillian is telling me the water is fine!

  • How do we get the pattern for Snug?

    • It is on Ravelry.

  • I love all the MDK posts but being in the UK get a little sad over the recommended yarn I will never get……..but anyway

    • Oh, Deborah, we ship to the UK! We’d love to send along a bit of the Hudson River Valley to you.

  • Nevermind, found it!

  • Very nice sweaters! I especially love the Easel and the Santa Fe. Those are two that had been on my mind but temporarily forgotten with all the holiday knitting hubbub. Thanks for bringing them back to my mind’s eye!

  • I knitted Tecumseh and was thrilled when a woman in a store asked if I knitted it and how exciting it was to see one “in the wild”. You will not be disappointed-fair isle makes it fly by!

    • I think that must be the secret to the extreme speed with which people turn out the Caitlin sweaters. So fun to be sweater-spotted when out and about. Once a stranger on the subway said, “Nice Honey Cowl!” to me and we’ve been pals ever since.

  • I purchased some during her open house over Rhinebeck weekend, and it’s been on my mind (and squishing in my hands) ever since. Beautiful pattern ideas. I have four colors, so something striped / patterned will eventually be its destiny…

  • Having had surgery last Thursday, cervical spinal stenosis, I was given the choice between a nursing home or home health for rehab. The occupational therapist is a knitter and didn’t know about MDK. She said that between her mom in law and herself = yarn stash. Her 7 year old son knits too. And he is on swim team. Hope abounds !

    • Sending you lots of love and hope for fast healing. And how great that your occupational therapist is Team Knitting.

  • Santa Fe has been in my queue for a while. Maybe after the bang out…..

  • I have a half-knit sweater (Dobbs Ferry by Thea Colman) in Mohonk. One of my projects for the winter is to finish that sweater! The yarn is fabulous, as is the pattern. (This was the sweater I said I would finish while everyone else was Banging, before I capitulated….)

  • These are all gorgeous patterns. First I’m lusting after Santa Fe.

  • Ahhh! I KNOW! I love it so much TOO! I can’t wait!

  • I adore the Sante Fe! I may need to try that pattern out.

  • I just bought some Mohonk to make the Tabouli cardigan. Tell me it will be great for it, please.