Salt Fat Acid Heat

By Kay Gardiner
November 4, 2018
Hunker down with a snack and your knitting, and relax.

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  • I’ve heard of her book but not this show!!! Can’t wait to check it out!!! Perfect for this rainy cool Minnesota morning!!

  • Thank you. Love your recommendations

  • I heard her interview on NPR’s “Splendid Table” and bought the book. Now I’ll watch the Netflix series while I knit at night.

  • This is such an enthralling show that my partner–a noncooking guy–actually watched it with me. I then immediately bought her cookbook by the same title. And now I aspire to make her crunchy rice dish but haven’t done it yet. I need to watch the series again, mainly because I miss her.

  • Love the book! I read cookbooks like novels and her’s is extremely well-written and entertaining. The Netflix show is in my queue.

  • Started with the Heat episode because that’s where I have the most trouble. Learned abut oven temperature and how to make Persian rice, one of my daughter’s favorites because she had a Persian friend growing up. Samin is just great. So warm and welcoming. And I love her deep, wide farmhouse sink! Thanks, Kay! This is the best!

  • For once I saw something before you did–not that it’s a race ahem Omahans are cool–and I found Samin to be so stinkin’ adorable. Good call once again!

    • #Omahansarecool

  • I knitted a baby sweater through all 4 episodes yesterday!

  • It’s on my list.
    Now if I could just stop watching The Guernsey!!!
    My therapy and escape from US reality show!

  • I’ve watched Fat. Loved it.

    • If you liked Fat, you’ll love Salt, lol.

  • and her cookbook is like reading an amazing book…she’s just so wonderful.

  • I loved the show!! Binged it last week, while knitting, of course.

    • Me too! Was really beautiful to watch.

  • I could watch 100 more episodes.

  • Been meaning to watch. It is snowing here this morning, so maybe I will give it ago before the Minnesota Vikings game.

  • I just finished watching this series. Fun and informative!

  • I’ve visited Japan recently and watched the Salt episode not long after I arrived home. It brought back lots of great memories of our trip (and the miso and soy diahes looked amazing!).

    • Whoops, that should read dishes….

  • Am I the only knitter who can’t watch and knit during subtitled shows? I’ll have to give Fat another try when I don’t have a project deadline.

    • Haha. I had to switch projects to one that I didn’t have to concentrate on the knitting so I could read the subtitles!

  • fyi how cool is this

  • I’m through one and a half episodes, and I agree: it’s refreshing, fun, and the host is totally charming. Great for a lazy Sunday!

  • Just finished watching and now I must make braised short ribs, and the buttermilk chicken,

  • Just watched the show last night. It was great and made you think how we cook our food.

  • Just binged it Sunday–fabulous, can’t wait for the next season!

  • I started the first episode, but had to put it aside for now. I’m working on a beaded shawl, and I can’t read the subtitles! I’m fine with other knitting and subtitles, but the attention flick is too much on this one. Next project goes with this series!

  • I love Love Namin. She’s captures so much about what I loved as a chef.
    To add to the fun, albeit edgy, silly fun, also watch Christine McConnell on Netflix… sort of Martha Stewart meets the Addams Family. (And Kay, feast your eyes on her amazing Corning Butterprints collection!!)

  • We made fried artichoke hearts and sage leaves from her show a week ago. The artichokes were really good, but the sage leaves were FANTASTIC.

  • This show is awesome !!! Highly recommend ! Hope they make more episodes.