Books with Franklin: Faerie Knitting

October 31, 2018

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  • Hmmmm…sounds like I’m going shopping today. Love good book reviews, and this sounds great!

  • There was a great Audible deal on this book and I bought it. It came with the patterns, which are lovely! I haven’t started listening yet, but from your description, I may have to put the hard copy on my Christmas list!

  • I preordered this, which I never ever do, because I love Alice’s contemporary novels. I am very picky about contemporary fiction and tend to avoid the genre as I get older because I am so often disappointed but Alice’s work captivates me. Your review almost perfectly echoed my thoughts on this book. I tend to be a heavy library user, even for knitting books and pretty much always for novels, and am honestly glad I bought this one. This book reminds me in some ways of Tudor Roses – it is an immersive experience as much as a knitting book and one that can be revisited over and over.

  • I got this book as a gift and am really pleased. I tested the first story on my grandchildren and they loved it and are now in need of amulets. The stories remind me more of the tone of Hans Christian Andersen, rather than Grimm’s or perhaps a blending of the two.

  • Don’t consider myself a whimsical type of person/knitter, but as usual, Franklin has piqued my interest!

  • A birthday present from my darling daughter ❤️

  • Really enjoyed reading your review. So well written. I look forward to them. The Faerie Knitting book is beautiful and I love the stories, plus the patterns are ones that are achievable.

  • I always enjoy your reviews…they cover all the bases. And you’ve never steered me wrong.

  • This is a marvelous review – thank you, Franklin!

  • thank you for the book review—entertaining and informative. went right to library and got the book.

  • Magickal timing, this! A neighbor gifted me an autographed copy and matching stitch markers last night. I look forward to having time to do more than leaf through this beautifully-produced addition to my knitting library.

  • Oh, Franklin, how I love your sardonic, and apt, wit. You articulate exactly what lurks in my head. Thank you. And (sigh) because of you, I guess I will have to buy this book.

  • Mr. Habit, your reviews always leave a smile on my face. Well done Sir.

  • Walking through the book store when this book called my name! Bought it, immediately started mittens. Then went to hear them speak. They brought all the examples that were knit and photographed for the book! I got to actually feel and hold them. So amazing.

  • Franklin, You’re brilliant, as usual.
    If this book as entertaining as your writing, it may be a winner.

  • Thanks for reviewing this beautiful book. I immediately sent for the hard copy and it is as lovely as you say. Perfect blend of stories and pattern ideas. I was brought to tears by several of the tales. I could imagine reading these to children, too. Very inspirational. Love it!

  • Can i buy a copy through MDK?