New and Noteworthy: Books of October 2018

By Kay Gardiner
October 22, 2018

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  • Great, MORE ways to burn through my checkbook AND less time to knit.

    The mending book will be whispering in my ear all day at work today….any bets how long I will hold out before going online and ordering it?

  • I already picked up the new Amy Herzog book and I love it. I appreciate the classic looks and that the patterns are written for several yarn weights and so many sizes. I’ve already earmarked two of the yarns I got at Rhinebeck for patterns in this book.

    I’m also a huge fan of the I Knit books and can’t wait to dig into I Knit Paris!

  • How do I chose which to spend my money on… books or yarn? Oh the dilemma!

    • I share your dilemma!

  • Every single one looks awesome!!

  • Yet another reason to love the library. All of these look amazing, but they’re probably not all keepers for this particular maker. I’ve learned that if I’m renewing a craft book the 7th or so time, it should go on the “need it, buy it” list. For now, every single one is going on my holds list.

    • Like you, I prefer to borrow from my local library system before deciding to buy a book for myself. In fact, I’ve suggested many titles, craft-related or other, for purchase, and so far they’ve agreed to my suggestion every time.

      • I select craft books for the public library that I work for. I’ll be ordering all the ones here that I haven’t already ordered. I also ouck up patron suggestions for ones that are news to me.

    • One of the nicest things you can do for an author is to request your library to order her book/borrow it/get on the wait list for it.

      • I do that – a lot. Even easier now that the MA regional interlibrary loan program online will allow me to do it with a click, AND let me now if they acquire the item. I’m surprised how often they purchase something I’ve suggested.

  • I want them all!

  • Let’s put together a package deal with all of these!

  • Loved meeting you Kay at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool. Jacquie

    • Thanks for braving the book barn, Jacquie!

  • I love your book recommendations – so many creative paths to explore! I also love Spoonflower, which is a siren song to me…would like to use some of my botanical watercolors in fabric and wallpaper designs, but just haven’t found the way to push myself forward on it. Oh well. It’s on The List!

    • I can’t imagine moving beyond the full-size animal pictures! You should do it!

  • I collect old interweaves when I can find them at yard sales and LYS destash and such. I love the writingt of the articles!

  • Thank you for the list. I have Amy’s new book and love it but want to add several of these, too.

    However, your mention of Spoonflower and your Olive pillow have been in my thoughts all day! Can you share a picture of it??

    • Hi Debbie, here is a post featuring the Kermit and Elliott cushions:

      I’m not sure I have ever posted a picture of the Olive cushion, but I will try to remember to take a picture of it the next chance I get. It looks just like her and is approximately actual size, so it does make me laugh when I glimpse it and think for a nanosecond that it’s actually her, sitting very still on the sofa. Plotting something? Or just being a cushion?

      For anyone who is curious, Elliott was the most ideal cushion model, as he was posed in a perfectly circular position, which made for easy cutting and sewing and a good professional result (if professionalism is possible with a pet tribute cushion). You want to start with a photo with no dangly legs or tail. I ended up cutting off Olive’s front legs for her cushion portrait.

      • Kay, those are fabulous! I’ve ordered the book can’t wait to pillow some furry friends. You made my day.

        Bette, our fur baby, looks a lot like Olive. She’ll make a happy, silly pillow.

      • The Kermit and Elliott pillows enticed me into making Mookie pillows! One for each of the kids, and one for our house. Mookie saw the pillows when I make them, and lives on through them.

        Love that Spoonflower!

  • My knitting library has become larger than my storage capacity! It’s a wonderful time to be a knitter.
    My very first book was Knitting Without Tears. That was purchased on my 30th birthday along with a swift and a ball winder. I’m now 65 and knitting is the best thing that has ever happened to me, getting me through 35 years of change and challenges. Thanks for bringing the less known books to my attention. And thank you so very much for being the one thing that I read every single day.
    I’m facing surgery probably next week and I know that they don’t allow computers or anything with a camera in the hospital because of HIPAA regulations. Bummer! But I will have something to look forward to after I’m discharged and I get through just one more thing.
    Thanks for all that you do ❤️