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  • A quick read on Appalachian dyer Mary Frances Davidson http://southernhighlandcraftguild.blogspot.com/2013/01/mary-frances-davidson.html
    She preserved many “old ways” and paved the way for future artists. Here’s book is available on Amazon, it’s out of print do it’s a little pricey.

  • This sounds like A perfect day to me!
    Pink from avocado pits??? This I must explore!

  • That truly looks like the World’s Best Cake. But EVERYTHING here is beautiful.

  • Oh my, I want the recipe for the World’s Best Cake!

    • I linked to it in another comment!

  • Beatrice’s instagram post touched my heart “Find your people and MAKE” Luv it!!

  • This looks like so much fun!! It has inspired me to learn more about hosting my dye party.

  • I had a blast! Here’s the cake recipe- http://www.sweetpaulmag.com/food/worlds-best-cake-from-sweet-paul-eat-amp-make It tastes like a cream puff! I put peach slices in this one but it’s lovely with no fruit, or strawberries.

    • Thank you so much Adrian!!!!

  • Darn, I was hoping the recipe for the cake was in the article 🙁 Loved the article!!!

    • You’re in luck, Barbara: Adrian linked the recipe here in the comments!

  • My 18th c sewing group had a natural dye workshop/fun day this summer – Osage orange, logwood, indigo, cochineal … now I am saving onion skins. And avocado pits – that’s a new one for me. We compared how the dye took onwool,silk, cotton and linen – and wow the differences!
    We had so much fun!

  • Julia, I think I want to be you when (if) I grow up.

  • This is so interesting and inspiring! We’ve had a few DyeFest Extravaganzas with acid dyes in summers past..most recently, last month…and they are very fun! We may have to give this a try next summer.

  • What fun! While I don’t have the space for a natural dyeing day…I have had Wilton Cake Gel dyeing parties..and ice dyeing parties …living in the South where it stays warm and sunny has given me great ice dyeing parties….drinks, eating and knitting…add the word dye and you’ve got a bash!

  • So, I made the cake this evening, and it. was. AMAZING! Served it to a couple of friends with a bowl of sliced strawberries on the side. No one could quit talking about it or eating it. Thanks!