Handknit and Handpainted: Meet My Mother

October 12, 2018

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  • Thank you for introducing us to your mother!

    • You are welcome! She is a very lovely and creative person!

  • What a lovely article. I love that your mother seems to get as much fulfilment and joy from the preparing phase as she does from the knitting itself!

    • The preparing phase is a big part of the experience. She says she only wants to knit things that really appeal to her!

  • This is delightful. Such a happy piece and the artwork is lovely. Now I want to make a fair isle sweater…

    • Yup. Me too.

    • She’s made me two in the last two years….and I still would like another one!

  • Lovely. What a lucky girl you are to still have your Mum and share in her knitting talents. Great story on how she percolates to her perfect design.

    • I am very lucky to have her as my mother! I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

  • This is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mother! Thank you for posting! I love your paintings!! They are so incredible!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was just hoping I wouldn’t embarrass her! I’m sure I will be writing more about her/our knitting sagas!

  • Ooohhh, I’d love to know how your mother makes her gift packages smell good! I give away lots of my knitting; making each gift smell good would step it up a notch!

    • I’m sure it is the soap she uses on the sweaters and scarves! I’ll have to ask what she uses. They do smell good!!!

  • Your writing is beautiful, what a lovely description. I really enjoyed this, thank you!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • I just loved this article.

    • Wonderful – thank you!

  • What an awesome tribute to your Mother, Amy. My Mom started knitting @ age 16 and 71 years later she still knits, just less. It was so fun taking her to my lys last weekend and I was proud to introduce her!
    Mom is Very Frugal and got “sticker shock” at the prices but she did buy out the stock of 1 particular yarn she liked Luv your sketches!! Very talented:)

    • How much fun you both must have had! I am so impressed by your mom!

  • What a wonderful tribute to your mom and your relationship. Also an education, I looked up the Channel sweater, $1900. We need to insure our work!

    • Oh boy! If I had to pay for all the special sweaters my mom has made me!!!

  • What a wonderful story about your Mother. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are both so talented and interesting.
    My Mom was like that in the sewing realm. Miss her so. Enjoy your times together!

    • I’m glad you could relate to my mom and I. Thank you for your kind words!

  • Amy, I love that you responded to all these lovely Mom stories. My mother did not knit but she loved the things I made her and I often found her wrapped in a shawl I made maybe what? 30 years ago. I still have it and love throwing it around me now that I dont have her.

    • I love your mom story, too! How wonderful that you have and wear the shawl you made her.

  • Did you notice the price of the Chanel sweater ?!
    Your mother has wonderful taste in clothing and an excellent eye for color. Thanks for the introduction

    • It is expensive! But a fun inspiration! I’m glad you enjoyed her story.

  • Hi Amy! I also an blessed to have an awesome mom, who is 90yrs young! I always feel rejuvenated after spending time with her, as she has such a powerful positive outlook on life even though she is wheelchair bound these days. I love how your paintings capture the organic nature of yarn and knitting.

    • Your mom sounds inspiring! How lucky you both are!

  • Aww, my mom taught me to knit, but we weren’t geographically close enough to yarn shop together. She was always interested in what I was knitting, and I treasure that memory of her first lessons. Thanks for sharing your mom, her esthetic, and your glorious paintings with us! Hugs!

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post and it brought back good memories for you!

  • Amy, your mom has many beautiful creations, not the least of which is you. Such a graceful piece, filled with the strong bond you & she share, all light and grace. Looking forward to hearing more from you, about your mom’s knitting and anything else!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I suspect I will be sharing more of our knitting adventures in the future!

  • Back in the 40s/50s, my Mum would take her knitting, wherever she went, and that included the cinema; in those days, in UK, people smoked in cinemas; my Mum would wind a different colour yarn on each finger (and keep track of them!). She’d nudge my Dad “please, give me a light, Alf” he’d flick his lighter, and she’d read two or three lines of pattern, then off she’d go … two stiches red (on her index finger), three green/ ring finger, 11cream/pinkie.
    An amazing worker of art.