Wear What You Make: Making Mistakes

October 8, 2018

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  • Amen!

  • I love this post and so enjoy seeing Sonya and her beautiful colorful outfits! I always see sweatersshe has made that inspire me.

    I wish I had learned earlier that making mistakes is okay and necessary.Now I try to embrace and learn from them.

  • Lovely post! I learned to ride a horse at 25. Over 10 years later I find that the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. LOL But I LOVE learning more. I have found that since I am no longer in school (No more grades!) the more fun it is to learn new skills. I learned to crochet about 5 years ago and knit 2 years ago. Next on the list, weaving!

  • What a wonderful post. I laughed out loud about the second needle dropping in your lap because I have done that. More than once. I am a bit of a learning junkie and got a doctorate in my thirties. It was a bit scary to go back to school at that age but wound up being a truly great, if incredibly difficult, task. Sometimes hard things remind you of just how resilient you really are and the making of mistakes reminds you how insignificant they ultimately are. I am in a sewing group where we teach each other new things – sometimes I turn out to be quite adept, other times, not so much – but we always puzzle through things together and sometimes laugh really hard (because it is entirely possible to concentrate so hard on a stitch that you embroider the garment to your lap!).

  • I enjoyed this post — learning is a gift we give ourselves. I’m enjoying the new skills I’m developing through my knitting. I subscribe to Ann & Kay’s idea that it should be fun, so when I find myself getting a little frustrated, I relax, take a breath and think about how far I’ve come in such a short time . . .

  • Again, an inspiration to me to get going on knitting that winter sweater! You look lovely~

  • Loved this article! I learned to sew and knit well over 50yrs ago, complements of my incredible older sister. Many mistakes have been made along the way and I’m hoping I won’t have to re-learn from them again. Having just retired, I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of both activities.

  • I discovered you on Instagram, and was inspired by your wonderful sense of color and fashion, and also by the fact that you decided what was comfortable/fun for you, and made it into a sort of uniform–which makes it easier to dress every day. I am wanting to learn how to sew, and already knit, and have become more determined to wear what I make. A big part of that comes from your posts/blog. Thanks Sonya!

  • Love this post and agree with all the comments. Being a perfectionist, I have to remind myself “don’t take yourself too damn seriously!” I’ve mellowed with age and try to laugh (& learn) from my mistakes: big and small

  • I read somewhere a long time ago that if you’re not making mistakes you’re not learning anything. It referred to a work setting but I think it’s true all across life. I confess that I seem to be unable to eliminate puckers from set-in sleeves, even when I add a basting stitch and pin carefully. So, you know what? I have puckers in my sleeves. Big deal. I love the Dresses no. 2 and wear them with pride, telling everyone who comments on them “I made it” and they’re blown away. And, I hope, just the tiniest bit envious that I am so happy with the way I look in my new clothes. Thank you, Sonya, for helping me find a style of dressing that makes me feel good about myself and for designing clothes with POCKETS. And thanks, Ann and Kay, for introducing Sonya to MDK-land.

  • So warm and reassuring. I love Sonya and these columns!

  • Sonya you always look so pleased! I love this. And yes, fear of making mistakes is one to avoid. After all who made the rules? A lot of them are no more than opinion. Except that admittedly it’s good to attach the sleeve to the armhole not the neck…

  • This is fabulous I love knitting but I’m not that good but I still wear my knitted items or give them to my daughter who’s always happy for a scarf in cold New York.

  • Exactly! Well said!

  • I love the idea of not fixing mistakes……but if it’s a sleeve attached to the neck!!! Lovely column as always.

  • I love your essays and photos. For me it’s been bith inspiringand helpful and hits the spots that need it most. Thanks!

  • Love the contrasts; it’s amazing what really goes together but one would think not, eh? Love the ‘mistakes’ you mention.

    I’ve been knitting/crocheting a lot these past few years…..it’s cheaper than a shrink, of course…..and with my surplus of stitch markers, and I mean surplus, I slip/clip one onto goobered up stitch areas to fix after a bit. Eventually, I decided to leave the goober unfixed…..and leave the stitch marker hanging out there; LOL!! It becomes a ‘what is it?’

    Sometimes, I just pop a marker on somewhere in the work…..just because…..not on a goober; LOL!! Rather like an artist signing their work…..bottom right side…..? The gift recipient can slip or cut them off…..or ‘leave’ them. ((:

    Mind you, I will fix most of the goobers and have become very adept, IMHO, at tinking, frogging, picking up stitches, etc. This year, I believe I’m not a bad knitter/crocheter. ((:

    Thanks for listening! @@

  • It took me dozens of projects and two mysteriously tight sweaters to realize I’d been knitting twisted stitches the entire time…oh boy, did I laugh!

    • Laurel, I think you are my new hero — going boldly where no newbie has gone before! Fearlessness is a great approach to learning!