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  • Franklin’s book reviews are the best – such a fun read and highly informative.

  • Dip stitch – love it!

  • Very interesting! Plus eccentric

  • I love Franklin’s reviews! And I find the review of the first book, along with musings on foregone fatherhood, to be (well) novel. It’s rare I hear men speak (write) on this topic, even briefly.

  • I want to buy Knitting Comfortably but Amazon doesn’t have it and may not stock it again. I’m in the US, where can I order it?

    • I think you can get it directly from the author. Some yarn shops have it. Try Knitty City in NYC.

    • The author sells it directly – ergoiknit.com.

  • Made my lunch break to find a new Books With Franklin was up!

  • I want to be a dip stitcher.

  • Do you want to amend that to “AREA MAN [ACCIDENTALLY] ABANDONS CHILD IN YARN SHOP?” Or did you say exactly what you meant? As a childless woman, I understand either way!

    • Depends on the child…

  • Any ideas about what yarns would be best for an itchy forehead yet ?

  • This area woman, who has remained happily child-free (though I am super uncle material too), totally related to the first review. Knitting tiny baby things? And doing so with nary a wistful thought about a baby of my own? Because tiny projects get finished before distraction takes over? Yep, this is me. Great reviews to read, as always!

  • “Firmament” is easily one of the best knitting books I own. I’ve knit two of the hats so far, and am experimenting with a couple of the stitch patterns for a cardigan. I’m endlessly enamored with Hunter’s designs.