The Bunchalong Is Coming!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
September 21, 2018
The yarns for Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making are fat, fast, and friendly

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  • Weeeee sounds super FUN!!

  • I’m still diligently working on the Logalong—haha!

    • I am, as well!

      • Me three! Just that neckband to go….

  • I always wants to join the MDK KALs and I always state I am joining with great enthusiasm! And then I realize I am still working on a pattern from Sequences!!! I will be a spectator on this one, for now.

    • That’s great but we still enjoy it when you join with great enthusiasm, Mini!

      • OK! I enthusiastically join and will do my best to complete something before the deadline! I do love prizes.

  • Good thing I finished my Summer of Basics cardigan last night and am fresh out of projects to knit. I’ll be scrounging through the stash this weekend for Appleseed Mitts and Slip Stitch Cap yarns to wind and have ready. Oh wait, the leftover cardigan yarn is bulky and already wound. Hm, seems I’m already on my mark, set, and ready to GO! Bring it!

  • I have to somehow find a way to become immortal to be able to finish all my fiber projects. 😉 *love your stuff!

    • This is HOW we become immortal. That’s the plan, anyway.

  • How do I sign up?

    • No signup required, just knit along with us, and post photos of your progress in one or all of 3 places (Instagram, Ravelry, or the MDK Lounge) to be entered for the weekly prizes.

  • Why does it start the same day as Spinzilla?!??! Waaaaahhhh!

    • Yes but does Spinzilla go through December 24? There’s plenty of time!

  • I’m still stuck on Bohdi leaves. Well into double digits now. I’m planning to give them in groups of 3 with nice soap for Christmas gifts.

  • Great kal and timing for holiday knitting. Thanks!

  • Off topic. Ann and Kay I just sent you an email asking whether you would consider using the power of the mighty MDK to aid victims of the on-going disaster that is Hurricane Florence. Many people are cut off by flooding and without food and clean water. Every little bit of assistance will help.

  • Great idea. Hope I get my other wips done in time to participate!

  • I’m in! Slip stitch caps (one on the needles already) and possibly a cowl.

  • Sounds great – I was toying with buying yet another pattern book and this is the impetus I needed. Will prizes only be available on your side of the Atlantic?

  • I bought the book and really like it. I do think the fingerless gloves are time consuming.

  • 1. I read the title as “Brunchalong” and was very intrigued to find out how you were going to incorporate brunch with knitting.

    2. I did this last year with two dishcloth patterns from your first book. So much cottony fun!

  • Y’all make this so dang tempting, but cables are not my friend. Maybe I can adapt/cheat my way into some fingerless mitts. And those coasters are the bomb. I don’t even like coasters, but I love these.

  • Please post a video of how to do those cables!! I can’t get them to work.