Field Guide No. 8, where every pattern is so fast and fun that you just . . . can't . . . stop knitting.

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  • I swore off holiday gift knitting a few years ago, but I think my family needs a set of jaunty hats to wear.

  • I’ve just re-started chemotherapy — twelve treatments over the next six months. I’m borrowing an idea from a knitwear designer who might not want to be outed as a cancer patient, whom I met in the chemo room last time around. She was knitting a pair of socks for each treatment, but I can’t knit socks that fast, so I’m embarking on a project called Twelve Hats — one for each treatment. The first one is done, I have plans already for the second and third, and I’m SURE this is going to be one of the twelve! Thanks for the idea!

    • I’m very sorry that you’re going through this. My mother had cancer and I sat with her through her chemotherapy appointments. She lived in the desert and so knit, wool hats were not on the menu. Especially in the summer. I sewed several different hats for her out of fabric that would be cooler. She also found that after she lost her hair, her scalp was very sensitive. It might be a good idea to make a hat out of of fiber that would be kind to your newly exposed scalp just in case. I wish for you a complete, total, and speedy recovery. Please be kind to yourself. Hugs!

    • I am also very sorry to hear you are going through chemo. I had my second (of six) treatments a week ago. I can’t knit a pair of socks in a week either. I do think if I put down my never-ending cowl, I could have a basket full of hats ready for caregigivers by the holidays though.

      Take care and speedy recovery.

    • Such a great idea! I hope the chemo goes smoothly and you end up cancer-free and with a great hat wardrobe!

    • Ditto, wishing you a full recovery. And enjoy the hat knitting.

  • I, too, have a terrible hat head and now that I wear glasses all the time, it’s even worse. But, oh, those pom poms! Now that it’s dark when I walk the dogs in the evenings, I’ll just wear a hat anyway when it gets cold!

  • “When I get mine done, it’s not going on the community hat shelf.” That was definitely my first thought when I read about your disappearing hat woes. Might I suggest the back of your underwear drawer? I’m willing to hazard a guess that no one goes through there!

  • Kay, I’ve reached the age that I don’t care if I don’t look good in a hat. I’m going to wear them anyway! I’m knitting them for charity now but I’ve also knit my self one. Or two…….

    • I have always been at the age where I don’t care if I look good in a hat! Vermont winters can get cold, so hats are a necessity. I was wearing them long before they were the cool thing to do. Now I need a few of these in my favorite color combos!