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  • Great article and perfect timing! I will be visiting my son in San Francisco this fall. Thanks for all of the wonderful places to check out!

  • Loved this tour and pictures.

  • What a fun tour! I grew up in San Jose and a trip to San Francisco often included visiting Britex fabrics! I enjoyed seeing some familiar sites – I have been on the other coast for over 30 years.

    • i read your comment and feel exactly the same way! i grew up in sunnyvale and loved seeing all these familiar sites!

  • This makes me want to return to SF. We haven’t been for a couple of years now. Always stay near Union Square and Britex fabrics is a wonder, which I found totally by chance. Now we go in just to wander and buy buttons. I have actually knit a sweater for a couple of beautiful buttons from there! Also, buttons are easy to carry on a plane.

  • Yes, makes me want to visit again!!

  • Brite is my happy place

  • Great article, Sonya! Looking forward to the Oakland and Berkeley installment! I love visiting the Bay Area; y’all are blessed with so many wonderful yarn shops that it seems like there’s one nearby, wherever you are. Knit This, Purl That in Pleasanton, A Yarn Less Raveled in Danville, and Fengari in Half Moon Bay are also some of my favorites. San Jose would qualify for its own Knitter’s Weekend article, and then there is Monarch Knitting if you head south to the Monterrey Peninsula…

  • Love the article on SF it is a beautiful city. Would love to go back again with this article in mind. Thank you.

  • I met my husband of 48 years (YIKES!!!) in SanFran….and we married 4 months later. Sadly, we moved to the other coast shortly thereafter, but we visit our favorite City by the Bay every chance we get. How very wonderful to take a virtual tour with one of my all time faves, Sonya Philips! Thank you so much for this post. You ladies are the best!!!

  • Fond memories being recalled…

    I was just a pre-schooler when we lived in San Francisco, but I remember the city so well. The smell of it, which changes depending on the time of day and which directions the wind is blowing from and to…Going to City Lights with my mother and wandering the shelves while she browsed…crab fishing from the pier…finding beautiful buttons and delicious rice candies in Chinatown.

    And always taking along a cardigan, no matter the time of year.

  • Sounds like heaven! I wish I could visit!

  • Great article! I live just across the bay but you have given me some new places to visit. Thanks!

  • thanks for this beautiful article! you really captured the spirit of the place and it brought back great memories!

  • Oh how I miss SF! Was there two years ago after an 18 year hiatus…went to Imagiknits and loved it!!! Ate at Tartine Bakery. Sigh.. need to get back soon.

  • I learned to knit when I lived in the city, from a patient knitter at a long-ago closed little yarn store on Sacramento Street. Even though we eventually moved away, SF remains my favorite city in the world, and you’ve picked such good stopping spots to highlight. Have a glorious weekend!

  • SF is one of my favorite cities…I have a sister who has lived there for over 40 years and I have visited many, many times. Golden Gate Park is another awesome place to visit and relax…the DeYoung Fine Arts Museum is there and tea in the Japanese Garden is so much fun. ALSO…the SF main Public Library is absolutely A M A Z I N G…check out the art installation of card catalog cards that have been decorated by artists. Also, if you are interested in SF fiction, there is a relatively new middle grade children’s book (I’m a children’s librarian!) that is set in SF and it is pretty spot on for its authenticity: check out Book Scavenger !

    • Seconding your reccy of GG Park, the deYoung, the Japanese Tea Garden – and don’t forget the California Academy of Sciences, an amazing venue. Or venture out to Lincoln Park and visit the Legion of Honor art museum, plus strolling and/or steep hiking (your choice) with fabulous views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • OMG what an excellent article about The City! I live just outside in Pacifica and never really knew some of these spots. That is why I love these articles. Always somethings wonderful!

  • Brilliant intro to the City, Sonya. (And may I say that I immediately recognized both Britex and Imagiknits from the slideshow up top?)

  • Fun fact – I used to live in that top floor apartment in the Precita Eyes building! Way back when I lived there, the mural center didn’t exist, the building was gray – and the big sign was for the super sketchy bar on the first floor – named Guadalajara de Noche! The yuppies hadn’t arrived back then.

  • I loved this so much!!!! I haven’t been to SF in years, and as much as I would love to go back, it is not on the schedule. It was lovely having an armchair wallow with Sonya!

  • Oops! The Palace of Fine Arts was designed by Bernard Maybeck.

    • Thanks for the correction, Pat!

  • Excellent description of my home town.

  • Beautiful piece on my neck of the woods. Although we live in the Napa Valley, I show my paintings in SF and my son lives there as well. in the twenty years we’ve lived in the Bay Area, it is still so new and exciting to me! So much to love about it! XO

  • Perfect timing! My husband has a conference in San Francisco next month, and I’m tagging along. Now I have my time alone planned for me.

  • San Francisco is 49 Square miles, or 7 miles on a side.

    • Thanks for the correction, Sarah!

  • You left out a walk up the embarcadero to visit Scomas Restaurant on the wharf and have the most delicious bowl of cioppano with fish coming right off of their boat. Scomas is a 53 year old SF gem not to be missed !

  • You bring back fond memories — it’s time to go back. The cable car museum was a must back when, with a train loving son — although I think BART was a bigger hit.

  • The San Francisco Botanical Garden is a great place to wander and be inspired by the beauties of nature.

  • LOVE the Weekend series. Even if we cannot get to one of these places, the person leading us gives
    us a grand vision of that place.

  • I remembered this article when I was in SF in 2021. I went to Cliff’s, a store i would never have found otherwise. Thank you!