Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making is where you'll find Thea Colman's ridiculously cheerful new patterns

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  • I look forward to meeting this knitwear designer at Rhinebeck!

  • How can you tease us with that gorgeous Alene’s Wrap then tell us it’s not on Ravelry?! WHERE CAN I GET THAT PATTERN, I am starting to obsess and sideeying my stash.

    • But it is! Check here:

      • ERROR: not true. I jumped to happy conclusions when I found a Rav page for Alene’s Wrap. Although it was once available, sadly one cannot buy the pattern anymore.

        • I found a wrap with a similar concept from Berroco. In looking at the views of it on Ravelry, they styled it by pinning the long front ends in back. It could be a starting point.

    • I’m so sorry! it wasn’t really an ORIGINAL design, since I copied something from a store – and since it was one of my first designs, it wasn’t written to the level of what I’d want out there anymore. However, it was a BCBG wrap from Lord & Taylor, I wonder if you can’t find it on E-bay or something?

  • Looking forward to seeing you all at Rhinebeck! I will be bringing my field guide (which arrived over the weekend!) for Thea to sign!

  • Oh what fun at Rhinebeck! I already purchased my Field Guide at my LYS – do you think we can take a group photo instead? My photographer (husband) will be with me and he can take it.

  • Ah, yes…got lost in Thea World on Ravelry over the weekend. Have narrowed my next project down two 2…or 3

  • Just popped over to Rav to buy the Water Hat pattern. Such a great idea. I love it that buying the pattern is already a donation to Flint, even before I start the hat! (But do plan to have one on its way by Nov. 30)

    • Thank you!!

  • People aren’t reading blogs anymore?? Say it isn’t so! I start every morning with them. Next thing you know they will stop making Keurigs. What’s a happily-ensconced-in-my-routine-septuagenarian to do? (Thea’s White Sangria is one of my favorites. I have the yarn for it. Just need the time.) Chloe

    • I totally agree! I start my day reading blogs…and really lament the fact that so many blogs have dried up or are inactive. Some of us are just not “commenters”…but we are still out there reading!

  • Thank you for this wonderful post/interview with Thea Colman. She is one of my favorite knitwear designers, but sadly I did not know that much about her. I fell in love with Stillhouse the moment I saw her wearing it in picture at the top of your post, and now I’ve purchased the pattern.
    My question is how in the world can she dream up and knit these beautiful pieces whilst sipping on her signature cocktails??? LOL

  • Where’s the pattern for the vest she’s wearing in the opening of this post? Beautiful!

    • A link to the pattern, Stillwater, is in the post, under the header “Prime Posts from BabyCocktails.”

  • I love EVERYTHING about this post! Cheers to @babycocktails!

  • Such beautiful cables, Thea! But your design that I knit was Vodka Lemonade, which despite the lack of cables, is very cute. Just shows that you are versatile!

    I still read blogs; my trusty blog reader (feedly) keeps serving them up to me. There are a lot fewer, yes, but I love them even more. And I’m still blogging, too. There’s nothing like a good long form blog post to really dig into a topic!

  • My book arrived today, so great timing with this post. Love that first wrap too (along with many others). Maybe one day I’ll get to Rhinebeck.

  • I just want to thank Thea for her lovely designs and well written patterns. And for answering a query I sent her via Instagram about an instruction I was being a bit dense about!

  • Fog Cutter! Made as a vest! In an ancient inherited last-of-bag Spinnerin fisherman natural wool (70’s vintage), looking very similar to the yarn in the photo, but knitting up very bouncy and cushy. I’ve been wondering what to do with this, started something else, but these cables are perfect, not too twisty for this wool. Thanks, Thea.

  • Is there a way to contact Thea? I have a problem with one of her patterns and am totally stumped…

  • surely like some tutoring with your Stillhouse Vest. I have taken it apart 4 times. Could use some direction on following this pattern. I live in Alberta, Canada.

  • I need some tutoring for your Stillhouse Vest pattern. It is difficult to follow. Elaine Selman