Knit to This: Maria Bamford

By Ann Shayne
September 8, 2018

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  • More yarn and patterns and less “knit to” stuff

    • it is only Sunday. You could just pretend they don’t post on Sunday. you know like a holiday.

      i think it adds character and vibeyness to the site.

  • That’s a pretty impressive recommendation— Colbert is the funniest human alive. I’ll have to check out her show. 🙂

  • I watched a couple minutes of the Netflix video and had trouble understanding her. I did not find her funny. Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, and Carol Burnett are funny, not this lady.

  • I’ve been meaning to watch her Specialx3, thank you for the reminder and recommendation – always welcome and appreciated. 🙂

  • Looking forward to watching this – I really enjoy your knit to this recommendations. In fact, in this age of “on demand” media, I often recommend your Knit to This and Lazy Sunday posts to friends.

    PS Has Harlan Coben’s “Safe” made your video list?

    • Never mind – found it — mediocre review. We watched it at our house because one of the young adults recommended it. And we *did* like it. Maybe Amanda Abbington is all I need?