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  • I really love this series. That you Kate!

  • Just finished a workshop with Kate. She does a great job of sharing “tricks” that not only make knitting easier but also make the finished product look great.

  • I pretty much automatically save any article by Kate. Yeah, she’s that good.

  • Thank you for making her help available here on your blog.

  • I always feel that one of the great things about knitting is that you can still acquire more skills than those I originally learned from mother 55 or so years ago! (now 61) I clicked on the child’s fair isle sleeveless pullover and cannot recommend this type of garment for small persons enough. I made one for our son out of S & J wool and he wore it every day for two winters! and even into a third. Keeps them warm without feeling all bundled up.

  • Just found another of Kate’s instructions to save!! Picking up stitches. Perfect timing! Thx Kate 🙂

  • Brilliant, clever, genius Kate! She of the magnificent The Wild One! So looking forward to more from her.

  • Very grateful for How to Make Sock Toes Without Ears. I just followed the instructions on the 2nd sock of my 2nd pair and found it made a difference – a much neater toe. Many thanks!

  • Oh, good! I just picked up a book at the library called The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns : Learn to Write Patterns that Others Can Knit, not that I plan to write patterns for others any time soon, but just because it looked interesting. It wasn’t until I got home and started to read it that I found that it WAS interesting, and also discovered that it was written by Kate Atherley. She writes about what works for her, but also includes sections by others of the “knitterati,” like Amy Singer of Knitty. However, I think that my favorite part was the comments from knitters who say what bugs them about patterns. I had many moments of, “I thought it was just me!” as I read them.