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  • Love New Orleansespecially the Quarter Stitch!

  • Thanks for doing my home proud, Gail…but next time, call me and I’ll come play too!

    • Yes ma’am!

  • One of my favorite cities. I love the quarter stitch and glad to hear of a new shop to try next visit (when I’m not eating)!

  • Let me add a suggestion, if you are renting a car, make a pilgrimage to the Lower Ninth Ward, and contemplate the post-Katrina story of this neighborhood. . This organization (we worked with them on a work trip last year) does great work and offers tours as well in exchange for a donation to their cause:


    • Agreed. I live in New Orleans, and it’s important to see the neighborhoods that haven’t recovered. Certainly more important and interesting than the French Market, which is kind of trashy.

      I like this article by Pableaux Johnson in which he makes the argument for having beignets as a snack, not for breakfast: https://www.myrecipes.com/extracrispy/how-to-avoid-a-hangover-in-new-orleans At any rate, skip CdM (Morning Call is much nicer and you powder your own beignets to taste) and get a po-boy instead from one of the top po-boy shops … no need for me to list them; they’re all over the Internet.

      I truly don’t know anyone who goes to Bette Bornside!

      And the most important piece of advice I can give in late August: DON’T VISIT NOW! Wait until late October!

      • … and I’m sorry if I got too opinionated—it’s a habit one falls into here when the topic of where visitors should go/what they should do/where they should EAT comes up!

  • May I say WOW!!! You have captured the colourful world of NOLA …. and then some Dream weekend for sure! Can we see more please? Need to wrap myself in ribbons to compete with that experience! … and powdered sugar ❤️❤️❤️

  • Now I want a beignet. Or three.

    • I know right?

    • Lucky, in Detroit there is a food truck selling delicious beignets at Eastern Market every weekend. You can add a delightful drizzle of chocolate or raspberry sauce (or both!) to the powdered sugar if you so desire.

      • I’ve never had a beignet but I think of them as all-season sofganiot (jelly donut thingies eaten at Hanukkah).

        • I too have yet to taste beignets, but I imagine them as like sopapillas, only served with powdered sugar instead of honey.

        • PS: not heavy, like donuts, but light and airy!

    • Me Three! I haven’t had a Beignet for far too long!

  • I am from New Orleans, born and raised. What a stellar job reviewing the city! I could not have done it as well. Bravo.

    • Thank you! You made my day ! Xoxox

  • I’ll come back and read this one in the middle of Winter 🙂

  • Hello! So much fun to read these pieces. Have you ever done anything on Taos, NM? I would love to contribute a piece about the amazing textiles and yarns and coffee shops and incredible food, on the streets, and other very special places to see inside and out in that lovely mountain town. Thanks for considering. Cyndi Lee

    • YES! Spread the word about Taos!

  • Yay! That was a fun tour, Gale! I was in NOLA a year and a half ago when my sister was there for a conference, and visited/did some of the same things! Fun to compare: http://www.knitorious.life/2017-new-orleans/

  • God bless New Orleans and its wonderful soul. Thanks Gale for your beautiful photos. It obviously is such a photographer’s dream, And eating beignets in New Orleans with my husband is on my bucket list. We’ve eaten versions of them together all over America but never together in their native, most authentic place. He’s been missing out!

  • There is also Uptown Needle & Craftworks on Magazine Street. It is a fabric and yarn store and oh so good.

  • OMG, I can’t believe how much you did in such a short period of time. My husband and I were there for Jazz Fest last year and loved it! Heat, humidity, and all. The music was amazing both at the festival, in town, and on the streets.
    We stayed at The Belle Esplanade, walking distance to Jazz Fest and so much else. A lovely inn and the quirky and fun innkeeper was a font of knowledge about things to see and do. I highly recommend.
    Food was over the top everywhere. Love them beignets but CDM? I can have a diabetic attack just thinking of it. Imagine not just eating a mountain of powdered sugar, but sitting in it, walking in it, and breathing it.
    Wish I had gone to The Quarter Stitche. Looks amazing and definitely will visit in my lifetime.
    Best of all, tha amazingly warm, welcoming, and helpful people. Every single one! The 1st night, another diner quietly took care of our bill before he left. Is that an amazing welcome to a city?

  • I know that you said “no healthy foods,” but the menu of fried foods and alcohol with only a little crawfish etouffe on the side would leave me feeling a bit queasy, and with no energy for your tour! Other than that, it sounds great! Maybe just a touch of protein and vegetables next time?

  • Thanks so much for stopping by to see us at the Quarter Stitch! A quick note: that Mardi Gras colorway is made for us by Mountain Colors, not Meadow. Credit where credit is due!

    • Thanks, Jen, just made the correction.

    • Aaagh! So sorry! Clearly hit the Pimms too hard following my visit.

  • Excellent post, Gale! New Orleans is my second favorite City! It’s where I met my Larry. We have returned often in the past 27 years. Your photos, of course, show the colorfulness and flavor of the Crescent City! Thanks for the tip about the LYS in the Marigny!

  • Thank you for highlighting our marvelous city, truly a place part! And thank you for visiting two favorites–Quarter Stitch has been a New Orleans mainstay for decades and always has interesting yarns and needlepoint canvases. They wrap purchases so festively with tissue, curling ribbon, and confetti hearts that it is my “go to” when I take a friend or young person who wants to choose their first project. And if I had a nickel for every time I’ve gone to beautiful Bette Bornside carrying a wayward knit and asking her to figure out where I’d gone wrong, I could treat us all to piles and piles of beignets. She is fantastic. What a treasure! Come back soon!

    • I’ll be there again in eight weeks ….no, 7 weeks and 4 days ! Can’t wait.

  • I love New Orleans. The Quarter Stitch has the absolute happiest wrapping of purchases. Always good for a smile. Crawfish bread is worth a clogged artery or two.

  • Thank you, Gale!
    I have such a difficult time planning what I want to do when I visit a new place, I always miss something. Now when i finally get to go to New Orleans I’ll have my trip planned – with, of course, the addition of all these great comments.

  • Thanks for that story! Makes me want to visit ASAP!

  • I live in New Orleans. The Quarter Stitch and Betty Bornside are both wonderful shops. The former carries unusual yarns. I love Dat Dog but it does not serve the dish you recommended. It has only hot dogs but all kinds, I.e. bratwurst, other sausages, etc. with French fries. They are not to be missed along with a muffelatta at Central Market on Decatur Street. Thank you for the kind review.

    • Hi Karen, Maybe it’s a newer addition to their lineup! I stand by my late night noshing- (but I checked just in case I was hallucinating) Here’s the menu with all the options including the vegan hotdogs and the Crawfish Etoufee Fries https://www.datdog.com/

  • So what’s not to love about NOLA? I especially enjoyed my chat-up with Betty – she is so welcoming and knowledgeable.

  • I enjoyed visiting a little shop in the Quarter than made hand loomed rag rugs.
    Not sure how to upload a photo. The owner let me stand around and visit with her for quite some time. Wish I knew how to upload a photo so y’all could see.

  • What about a knitters weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia? Lots to do and see and wonderful knitting shops and alpaca farms! Think about it !
    Jill Fischer

  • While I live in the Greater New Orleans metro area, and can visit the places highlighted most anytime, seeing this story and beautiful pictures absolutely stirs my soul and compels me to visit all these places. LOVE the Quarter Stitch!! I WILL be doing these things as soon as the damage from Hurricane Ida is cleaned up. I WILL.