Six Fantastic Patterns for Sincere Sheep Cormo

By Kay Gardiner
August 22, 2018

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  • I’ve been thinking about it for Winterfell by Katrin Schneider or Slouchy by Mari Lynn Patrick…

    • I just went to look at that. I love the clean lines and simplicity here’s the link for others to have a peek:
      Actually you’ll have to Copy and paste. I don’t know how to make it an active link. But it’s worth looking at, I promise!

      • It looks like MDK magicians made it a real link. Yay!

  • Just a FYI, I tried these links in my browser and none of the last ones go anywhere. Something not working?

  • Most of Joji Locatelli’s patterns work up very nicely in fingering weight Cormo. I’m about 2/3 done with a variant of Trevor using this yarn and will shortly be starting two more sweaters with Sincere Sheep. Cormo is quickly becoming my go-to yarn for pullovers and anything I want to knit at about 22 stitches over 4”. For me, it can replace Marino. It’s soft, bouncy and doesn’t pill!

  • this post is a feast for the eyes! what a lovely pullover and short sleeved pullover. interesting breed specific material to read later

  • These are lovely colors. For anyone who is still clinging on to the 1980’s Color Me Beautiful theory as I am, these are Spring colors. Clear, bright, delicate and warm-toned. I am keeping them in mind next time I knit for a Spring. But if you are lucky enough to be free of such ironclad rules (I’m afraid I have been brainwashed for life), the blues or greens especially should work for a whole lot of other people. Thanks for bringing Cormo to the forefront Kay and Ann. It’s beautiful.

  • Should have said PRIMARILY Spring. There is overlap.

  • So many wool yarns are itchy to me, even alpaca. But merino and I are great friends. How is this yarn for those of us that love wool but hate having red itchy skin and watery eyes?
    Karen C.

  • Does SS cormo (sport or fingering) bloom a lot when wet blocked? In other words, does the yarn expand much or do the yarn strand stay pretty much the same thickness as when knit?

  • I’m Tasmanian and I love that this wonderful breed (Corriedale/Merino if you were wondering) has been so successfully transported to the USA. It’s not all that easy to get Cormo wool down under, unless you are friends with a sheep or two, but it’s gorgeous. Thanks for highlighting it.

  • I’m having a very difficult time going to my LYS because they don’t have the incredible selection of gorgeous yarns and if they do, they only have one skein in stock…oh, well