Set Your Dial to: Vacation Knitting Mode

By Kay Gardiner
August 16, 2018

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  • I’m on the granny square thing. Last year I made a top out of two giant ones and I love it. I’ve just been slowly, slowly crocheting around on a new one. For this years giant granny top I’m considering a two color version with the front and back different colors. Too wild? Too much thought? Maybe. I’m coming up on the end of square one so a difficult decision lies ahead.

  • Kay, I have been working on my mitered crosses Square for Karen’s group. Tell me, what should I have done to avoid the hole in the center?! (Sorry Karen).

    Also I’ve been home sick and have had the chance to work a little bit on two projects for which I’m currently taking classes. I think maybe maybe maybe I have finally conquered my difficulty with brioche ( two color brioche, at that). Keeping my hopes High. Also, putting some work in on my magic loop two at a time toe up socks. I have never made socks from the toe up and I’m really skeptical about this process. However, I keep telling myself “it’s two at a time I’ll be finished with Both of them when I’m finished”, and “it’s Kiogu yarn (purple) you love Koigu, you love purple”, and, “you’re gifting them– someone will be happy!”. Yet it is a weird, sort of counterintuitive process. There are some baby projects too, but I don’t really want to work on them until my cold is finished.

    Maybe there will be time to work in some nice dishcloths to round the whole thing out. The main thing is working on balancing work time and down time. That would really be a summer accomplishment for me.

    • I don’t have a real answer for avoiding the hole in the middle but my pickups in that spot have gotten tidier.

      • Ahhh! Nothing like experience!

  • No vacation for me this year, but I am having a relaxing time knitting away on the Picket Fence blanket. Just they kind of low-intensity knitting I need this year as my husband continues recovering from severe injuries sustained in a fall, and I begin a new high-intensity job. Thanks for the new field guide!

  • Thanks so much for alerting us to Annie’s illness. As I’ve for some reason had wimples on the mind recently, as a continuation of cowls, her crowdfund pattern is just what I want.
    I’ll also share the info with my fiber arts group, Twisted Threads, out of Raleigh, and see if a sudden fashion for wimples pops up in NC this winter!

  • Kay, I also encountered The Hole when I turned the corner to add the fourth miter. I had been picking up only the front leg of each stitch to get a neat edge when joining the second and third miter. Now, with the center becoming complete, that didn’t work to close it up. I had to go back and pick up both legs on the two middle stitches. That worked! It did pull the alignment of squares off a tad but I think it’ll block out. Very fun knit; thank you!

  • I’m making dishcloths, too — color coordinated to my daughters’ kitchens in the hope that they will come over to the dark side and throw out their sponges. We see each other next week and I want to give each daughter at least three of them. Here’s a trick for ends if you’re using a plant-based fiber: split the 4″ or so of yarn that’s left over into 2 strands, put one strand on a sharp needle and draw it under one stitch on the back. Then tie the 2 strands tightly together in a square knot. The knot will disappear into the fabric and no will know that you knotted your yarn! (Shudder.) Besides, it’s a dishcloth. What the hell…

  • I am just coming to the end of Summer Knitting, myself, which is pretty much All Cotton, All the time. I do love cotton, and square things, though this summer’s big feature was triangle knitting, in the form of bunting. (Mostly Tin Can Knits’ Swatchtastic, in Lion Brand 24/7.) However, while I have greatly enjoyed the cotton, it’s now time for me to move on to my own personal category of Halloween Costume Knitting. That generally takes all my knitting time from now until the end of October. First up, a felted hat from Mary Scott Huff’s Fun and Fantastical Hats to Knit!

  • I wimpling along as soon as my daughter finishes her orientation at the new hospital she is nursing in. Very hard to wimple witha baby on board. Not complaining – but now I know why there were so few women artists.

    • Wimpling too. Might try a worsted weight. Have always found Annie’s techniques useful, smart, and utterly unique. You’re not too shabby either, Martha.

  • This inspired me to go to the Big Box Dishcloth Cotton Mart (alas, I left my phone with the 50%-off coupon home and had to pay a whole $2.09 for a ball). I proceeded to knit three dishcloths in a day. I’m in the middle of an endlessly long work project. This isn’t procrastination: it’s reminding myself that I can finish _something_.

  • hey, how long will your beach knitting last? do i have time to come join you for a day or two?

  • I am usually quite ruthless in my scrubby-usage of handknit dishrags, and it’s amazing how long they hold up. But I also have a couple that I made to test stitch patterns which turned out so nicely (one remains my favorite stitch pattern for socks) that I’m still using the “dishrags” only as coasters about 8 years later 🙂