Sail-Away Shawl: Tips and Hints

By Ann Shayne
August 14, 2018

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  • I love those colors!! And duplicate stitch is such a good idea for the ends. I must try that.

  • I love the pop of red and the asymmetry at the bottom!

  • Now I want to make one! Just seeing that stripe of red did it for me!

  • Beautiful! As always. Thanks for the duplicate stitch ends idea. I shall try it. Also what a perfect way to try dup stitch. I love that u didn’t fix all those carries, makes me feel better about me not always fixing either!

  • I love the colors, how you mixed up the different blues and that surprise pop of red, which adds interest. I’m curious to know how it looks when one is wearing it.

  • That stripe of red is a stroke of genius.

  • So purty 🙂

  • I too love this shawl…your color choices are GLORIOUS!!!!

  • Great color combo, there! I love that red line you threw in there – it takes the finished product from great to oh, wow!

  • This sequence is so delightful, and a great balance between nautical and beachy! I love me some zen garter stitch knitting!

  • That red stripe is perfect, and the shawl looks good so far. . . but what does it look like once you’ve blocked the dickens out of it? And, has Kermit pronounced it a Good Thing to Lay Upon?

  • This — “Except that knitting is a pursuit that can let us be as compulsive or slack as we want. Which is why it is the greatest thing ever.” Ann, you are one of my very favorite knitting buddies, in spite of the fact that we haven’t met. You totally get me. Thanks for that.

    • Yes. This spoke to me, too!

  • I love that red stripe, Gong Hay Fat Choy to you, too!

    I’ve been doing that twisty thing one stitch in from the edge on my shawls. I’d rather have that carry line on the back of the piece instead of along the edge, and this hides it a little better for me.

    • (I knit the first stitch in the old color, twist and pick up the new color on stitch 2.)

      • genius

  • LOVE it! Especially that one tomato red stripe!