City of Gold

By Kay Gardiner
July 29, 2018

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  • Thanh you for taking the time to learn why so many of us cared so much about this man. It wasn’t just to find the best restaurants but he helped us explore new neighborhoods and demystify their culture by trying their food. Armed with his wonderfully written reviews we ventured into Koreatown, Little Ethiopia or sought out Filipino fusion, the best hummus and amazing taco trucks only to discover the people cooking, working and eating around us weren’t the “other” but just like us. In these troubled times a man who sought to bring us together was a gift and is deeply missed. Los Angeles isn’t a sprawl of suburbia with no “there” there but a fascinating gathering of unique neighborhoods that Jonathan Gold showed us how to understand deliciously. RIP

    • ❤️ wow!

    • Well said Dianne! Thank you 🙂

  • Dianne says it all — this was a truly remarkable man, with musical talents as well as a man who ventured into all of life’s offerings — he will be missed! I love LA!

  • I did not know about Jonathan Gold until I read your segment. What a loss, but what a great gift he bestowed upon the people in LA! The documentary about Gold is now in our queu. Thanks so much!

  • amen.

  • “We are all citizens of the world, strangers together.” Oh, please, shout that from the rooftops, say it to all you meet. Thank you, Jonathon.

  • I looked forward to Jonathan’s (at least weekly) reviews in the LA Times and elsewhere. He didn’t just review the hidden treasures in strip malls and the trucks, he also reviewed local, national and international famous and top-rated restaurants. But he knew where a city thrives, where the heartbeat is, and he shared what he found like he was your best friend. RIP Jonathan.

  • I followed Jonathan Gold for decades, whether I was living in San Francisco or Los Angeles. This is such a loss. It’s wonderful when someone can teach you about your own city. I won’t be too harsh but for Pete’s sake Kay, Los Angeles IS a great city!

  • Thanks for mentioning this film. Just finished watching it, and I enjoyed it for so many reasons. I enjoyed seeing the tender moments of Jonathan with his family. RIP Jonathon Gold. Also featured in the film is Evan Kleiman, host of KCRW Good Food, a public radio show and podcast from Los Angeles. This podcast is very easy to listen to, and you don’t have to be a foodie or from LA to enjoy the content.

  • This looks awesome. Still getting acquainted with Southern CA after relocating two years ago. Can’t wait to watch the film and start a new food odysee. Thank you!