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  • Well, Ann. I started yesterday grinning ear to ear reading the Yarn Harlot and remembering my grandmother calling her couch a chesterfield and my mother calling it a davenport and wondering how and why it eventually became a couch. This morning I’ve started with a good cry reading your letter. My nose is all stuffy, the words are all blury, and I’m not sure I’ve properly kept auto-correct from changing chesterfield to centerfield.

    • There are 150 comments as I leave mine, but should anyone not be able to knit a square, I’d be honored to be part of this healing.

      • Same here. Brilliant, beautiful idea. Impossible to fathom her loss.

        • Over 200 now. We could make many blankets. I too am happy to sub in if someone cannot finish after committing

      • Same here.

    • Dear Ann, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. How very, very sad. What a wonderful community MDK has created. I’m glad to be on the coat tails. I will keep Tia in my prayers.

  • Hi Ann, the unimaginable grief of Tia Coleman struck me hard all the way across the pond. I doubt that you would want to send blanket square ingredients all the way here, but I do wish that I could contribute. I’m thinking of her, and thinking of you and all the other readers thinking of her. Ellen xxx

  • Wonderful idea…I’d be happy to help-

  • I would be honored to take part.

  • Yes I too would like to help.

  • My heart goes out to her. I cannot imagine her heartache! May God give her the strength and fortitude to cope with this immense loss. I’m sure this blanket will give her some peace and warmth in knowing that other people care and love her through this difficult time. I’d love to help make her smile! Bruny

  • I’d be happy to help you make this blanket to let Tia know others are holding her close. Count me in.

  • The magnitude of Tia’s loss is beyond comprehension. I’d be happy to help with the blanket project.

  • Ann,
    I read an article about her, knowing that she lost so many of her family members. I feel like in those moments you start to doubt yourself and God. Your blanket and care would maybe lift some of that weight off of Tia once again, because just knowing someone’s out there who I don’t even know who cares enough to knit me a blanket.


  • The value of something tangible to wrap and warm and hold cannot be underestimated. Happy to help.

  • I’d be honored to do one. My extended family is my bedrock, through thick and thin. My heart goes out to this beautiful lady, snd her inconceivable loss.

  • Your posts are the first thing I read each morning. They always bring a smile, something to think about, some way to make me a better knitter. This one will hopefully make some small difference I’m in. – knitting a square is the least I can do.

  • Ann, I saw the same interview and just can not imagine the grief she must be feeling. I’d love to knit a square with you.

  • Words cannot express…but you have captured our shared grief and thoughts perfectly. I’m not an expert knitter, and am sure far more talented knitters would make lovelier squares, but ,if you are short a 16th, it would be a great honor to send Tia some collective love.

  • Thank you for the opportunity, I would be so happy to help.

  • I would be happy to help also.

  • Hi Ann, thank you for sharing this. I would be very happy to have the chance to contribute a block for the blanket. It will be a comfort to Tia to know others have made this for her and I’m sure it will be a lovely collection of knitting.

  • Ann, I would be honored to contribute to this project. I lost a son early this year and the heartache is still raw. Tia’s loss is unimaginable. Bless you for organizing this effort of love and caring.

    • Suzier, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I have had losses and at the time any word was not as strong as the numbness which is part of grief. But I feel that saying words of sympathy to those who have lost will be there and they can reach back to draw it around them.

  • Ann,
    I would love to participate in this loving gesture.

  • I’d love to participate. It is unimaginable what she is dealing with. Wrapping up in a blanket made with love will comfort her and you are so caring to get this going for her. Thank you so much

  • Unimaginable grief. It looks like although it’s barely 6:00 AM here. It you already have all your volunteers. If you somehow still need someone to knit a square I’d be honored to help out.

  • Happy to knit a square for this brave, sorrowful woman. Beginner-easy, please.

  • I would be honored to help

  • I would love to help if you still need it.

  • I would be honored to to help knit a square!!!

  • Hi Ann, I would love to participate in knitting a square for Tia’s blanket.

  • The tragedy of this story haunts me. I would love to help with the blanket if you still need knitters.

  • I too had to dab my eyes at reading this. It’s the humanity in your posts that keeps us all checking in for our morning dose of MDK. Thank you for that. If you need another block, I’d love to be part of your bench.

  • Barely 6:30am and you already have enough volunteers to knit… with the knitting community being what it is, I’m not surprised. If you decide to make a bigger or additional blanket, I’d love yo be a part of it!

  • I would love to help. Know that feeling of wanting to envelop her in warmth.

  • to*

  • Please add me to the list of backup square knitters. Spare square knitters, if you will.

  • Such support shown already; it would be my honor to knit a square as well. Count me in if your plans expand beyond 16 squares.

  • I would love to help with a blanket for Tia or an additional one. I would also be willing to seam the squares together.

  • I’d like to participate in creating a piece of comfort for Tia
    I saw the news and immediately had a heavy heart….

    • I would love toto knit a square. I always think of giving a hand knit blanket as giving them a big hug whenever they need it!

    • It’s hard losing just one family member but, your husband and all three of your children is unbearable. I would love to help you in a square for the blanket. May God continue to bless her and bless you for this wonderful idea.

  • Beautiful post, Ann. While I know you are beyond 16 volunteers, I’m happy to knit a square. Maybe we knitters can bring some comfort to Tia and others.

    • Love to knit a square, blessings and love to all

  • I seems I’m a bit late this morning. But if you decide you need a 37th square …

  • I would be happy to share in this wonderful project…it reminds me of a prayer shawl.

  • I am reading this at 5:50 and am blown away by the power and the love of the knitting community created by this blog. Count me in. Praying if nothing else.

    • Ditto to the spare square knitters AND prayers ( @ 8am PST)

  • I would like to participate, even though i am late to be part of the 14. Is there more we can make? Blankets, prayer shawls, etc?

  • Although I am up early today (for me), I fear I am not early enough to be one of your 14. However, if you decide to go beyond or need something else, I am here to help. I cannot possibly imagine living through what Ms. Coleman is and anything I can do to alleviate her suffering in even the tiniest part would be my pleasure. You are so very kind to have thought of this gesture, although that is not surprising to me, knowing you even the little bit that I do.

  • Yes! I want to help! What is the next step?

  • Can we make more than one?

    • That’s what I’m thinking. What if there were four blankets…in honor of her husband and children? Or nine…she has at least a sister who wasn’t on the boat. She might want to offer them to other family who also lost grandparents, siblings or cousins?

      • Meant to add – please count me in if you decide to do more.

  • What a beautiful idea, Ann and something that would no doubt give her some measure of comfort to know people are thinking of her in this unimaginable time. I would love to participate in the blanket if I am lucky enough to be among the first fourteen note writers!


  • I would be happy to help with the blanket.

  • I’m here to assist. Prayers and love.

  • I cannot imagine going through this kind of loss…. not only the grief of each loss, but also the ones who would be your support through the other losses. It seems you have many more than the 14. But like some others who hope you extend it, I would also be honored to help.

  • Lovely post and gentle reminder to cherish those around us. Thank you

  • It looks like you’ve had enough responses, but I would love to knit a square for Tia’s blanket. What a nice way to send her a hug.

  • It would be a blessing to be able to contribute. What size square and do you prefer all wool yarn and if so, should it be a washable one?

    • I’m glad to be a part of the knitting community that is so caring. Perhaps you can send all these lovely comments to her as well as the blanket. Hope to see the finished version here too.

  • Ann, You likely already have enough volunteers to knit, but if not, I would love to help.

  • Such a tragedy…and what a wonderful gesture the blanket will be. I’m well past the 14th response, but wanted to acknowledge your heartfelt column.

  • Ann, such a loving and caring idea. Looks like you have enough volunteers but please add me to your substitute list, if needed.. I’d be very happy to knit a square and say a prayer for Tis with each stitch.

  • What a moving and meaningful gesture, Ann. I would be happy to help.

  • Looks like you have the 16, but in case you don’t, I would be honored to help.

  • I learned of this heartbreaking event thru my mom. She has seen it on TV. I would love to participate, even if a square could become part of a prayer shawl. Mrs.Colman could know the world cares deeply.

  • My heart goes out to Tia and her family. Ann, I work with parents who are learning to knit and crochet. I know they will want help. Please send me the pattern. I have yarn.

  • Beautiful. I will gladly knit a square. xo

  • If you decide to make another blanket, I would love to help. I can provide my own supplies if you give details, size, stitch pattern, color. Heartbreaking.

  • Ann, I would be happy to help, Tia Coleman has touched my heart as well.

  • I would love to join you and the others. Please send me the details. I have plenty of my own yarn. You’re so thoughtful. Mary

  • I, too, was so saddened by Tia’s devastating loss. Inconceivable grief! Your post and blanket plan are so kind; I hope that kindness and care bring her some comfort.
    And so, though I thought I needn’t respond since you’ve got your knitters already, I am writing to say count me in, because the outpouring you’ve encouraged is yet another kind of hug.

  • You already have 64 comments, but if they don’t include enough offers to knit a square, I would be honored to help.

  • My heart is breaking for Tia. Add me to your overflow-overflow list and I will add the gofundme to my to-do.

  • I had not heard about Tia, although I did know about the accident. I cannot comprehend that kind of loss. You’ve got plenty of blanket knitters, but I did send a donation to the GoFundMe her sister set up. You are right that money doesn’t fix things, but if having it will give her one less thing to worry about as she is trying to continue after this, then that is a thing I can do to help.

  • Way too late at Pacific time to practically join in but please know I’m knitting one for Tia prayerfully, mentally., and also financially.

  • I would love to take part in knitting a blanket for Tia. Thank you for writing about this, it is so heartbreaking it’s hard to imagine.

  • Thanks for this heartfelt post Ann. I contributed to go fund me because you brought it to my attention. Thank you.

  • Idk if you’ve reached 14 yet, but I’d love to help. My heart breaks for her.

  • Beautiful

  • Dear Ann, it looks like I am #67 as I begin my response although I see so many pouring in. What a lovely idea you had! We all feel this devastating loss for Tia. I want to do something for her and the others. This may be the first time I am really sorry not to have woken up at 4 am. Sending prayers and I will ponder what other things we could do. Sending her the responses from all is a great idea. Thank you so much for the gentle kindness you are sending. Life is precious! Family is everything! Jani

  • This tragedy brings tears to my eyes. I would be happy to knit a square for Tia’s blanket but I realize that our knitting community has so many wonderful people who have already offered to do so.

  • I’d love to knit a square

  • I saw you already had 14 comments by the time I read your post. I certainly would have loved to help. I am a devoted knitter and a volunteer knitter for my local hospital. I know the warmth and comfort a hand knitted article can give someone. My thoughts, prayers and best wishes to Tia Coleman and to you and all the knitters.

  • Ann, I’d love to help with the blanket if the spots have not all been filled.

  • Can’t even imagine.

  • As said by soooooo many others, I’d be honored to help, yet I have learned that knitters get up early and you already have your volunteers. Such a loss it unimaginable.

  • This tragedy is so hard to contemplate, and you have expressed my feelings so well. I wish I could shield or shelter Tia Coleman from the worst of this hurt, and I know that I can’t. But knitting can sometimes do some of that for a person and this is an outstanding idea. If you’ve recently decided to expand your idea to be the world’s biggest blanket, please sign me on to knit a square. I’ll supply the yarn if you tell me what you want. I will at any rate send all the love I have to the cause. Thank you for making this happen.

  • Thanks for sharing the sadness, happy to help with blanket if you need more squares. Sandra Ravelry name: jerseygirl65

  • Hello Ann, I’d like to knit a square for Tia.

  • I would be happy to help.

  • I would love to knit a square for her.

  • “Knitting a blanket is not going to fix anything, but knitting is a measure of time thinking about someone”… may I use this quote? It says it best. My heart breaks for Tia! The courage she has to even breathe is impressive!! Holding Tia and everyone who lost a love one that day in my heart!❤️

  • Ann – thank you for this. Love, tallu

  • What a tragedy! Just this past weekend, I was at my inlaws for a graduation party and I was reminded of Tia and her loss. My husband’s family and I have gotten together in such numbers – on boats, planes, trains. It’s a family that loves to do things together. What a gaping hole would remain should only 2 of us survive. My heart hurts for her. You probably have everyone you need to knit but if you should need an understudy, I’m here.

  • Looks like I missed the queue, but I’d very much like to help. Thanks for the link to do so.

  • Once again knitters show what a generous and compassionate group we are! To all those who were touched by this tragedy and wanted to help, Project Linus is a nation wide organization that accepts donations of hand made blankets, knitted or crocheted or quilted, and gives them to children in crisis situations. Google Project Linus for more information.

  • I’m in – send me whatever you will.

  • If you need more knitters I’m available. After my son died 3 years ago I couldn’t knit a stitch for months. I think it was because during his very short illness (30 hours) I thought of all the things I could knit to comfort him as he received treatment and recovered. I now knit primarily for charities, hoping I can give someone comfort knowing someone cares. It is my therapy and comfort too.
    My heart aches for her…

  • It appears you have your 14 knitters and then some. If you need another, I am here to help.

    The Yarn community is the best and I am so proud to “know” us all.

  • I would be honored to contribute to Tia’s blanket. If I am too late, I will be happy to contribute yarn.

  • Lovely words and deed. You have your 16 squares filled, I see. Godspeed, ladies.

  • If you still need more people I would be honored to help! I just read this and my heart is broken. I know nothing can bring them back, but even a small amount of comfort this blanket can bring, would mean a lot. Please let me know, if I can help.

  • I’d love to join you in knitting a square. I can’t imagine Tia’s grief. If we can make several blankets, maybe we can find someone else who could use the support.

  • The outpouring of love and volunteers is heartwarming! Please put me on your Spare Square list. Perhaps some of us who responded later could choose a common yarn and pattern, purchase the yarn ourselves, knit some squares, and create another blanket from the MDK community.

  • Beautiful post, Ann. Sometimes we see these terrible tragedies on the news and feel sorry for the people in the moment but soon get on with our everyday lives. You have brought this family to us in a way that we can see them as important, individuals and feel the pain. Thank you. I grieve for those lost and for those surviving and living with their losses.

  • I must be number 94 for sure. I admit to cowardice about Tia. I couldn’t bear to hear any of it, so stricken with fear I was…fear that it was really me this happened to. How is she walking and breathing in and out and telling the story?

  • Such a senseless tragedy. Praying for God’s peace for this dear woman. I just lost my brother unexpectedly and I can’t even imagine her pain after losing so many of her family.

  • Thank you for sharing this, Ann. I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around this tragedy, as well. This will be comment #100, so if you are inclined to make more for Tia, I am at your service. In the meantime, my prayers will be for that incredibly strong woman.
    Hug your family extra tight!

  • A wonderful idea and I’d be happy to contribute a square, although I realize I’m far down the list. Please keep me in mind if this project is expanded.

  • I’ll knit a square! Tears in my eyes right now as I read this as I’ve been on a duck boat tour with my family. Horrible, horrible tragedy that didn’t have to happen, who takes a boat like that out into a storm??!!

  • I’m late to the game, but I would be happy to knit something to comfort anyone who was impacted by this tragic event. It is simply unimaginable.

  • I would be happy / honored to jump in — but looks like I’m WAAYY too late to be number 14. Saluting the MDK community and comforted to be part of it.

  • Just read the comments so i know I’m way past number 14 but yes, if you expand this project please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thoughts and many prayers going out to Tia!

  • This event has shaken me – i have taken one of these tours (Boston) and i cannot imagine what they went through. Thanks for this post this morning. Treasure every day. I imagine the need for squares has passed, but if needed, i would be glad to contribute

  • What a wonderfully sweet gesture. I am sure you have help-a-plenty, but please count me in if you need additional squares.
    My heart goes out to Tia. When I saw the news unfolding last week about the tragedy and then to find that this woman lost so much. We humans are a resilient bunch, but how does one even recover from such grief? Just the trauma of the event itself without any deaths would be a hurdle to get over. I just can’t imagine what her days will be like as she comes out of shock. I hope that she has good support from friends, community and mental health experts.

  • I’d like to help. Pls send me the yarn
    Susan Levitt
    280 Murray avenue
    Larchmont Nee York 10538

  • Ann, I am a much better quilter than knitter so if you would like one of my quilts I would be happy to send one to you for Tina to wrap around her in the may hard moments ahead. Please forward an address. Stefania

  • You have more than 14 comments. But of course I want to contribute as well

  • God bless Tia Coleman and our knitting community

  • I might be the fastest or best knitter, but I would love to knit a square.

  • I would love to help. There are so many volunteers, perhaps we could make enough for all the survivors?

    • This is what I have been thinking, too. I would be glad to help sew them together, too.

  • Oh man, thanks for posting about Tia Coleman Ann. Looks like you’ve got your 14 but I will donate to her GoFundMe. I am counting my blessings hard this morning. Our family beach vacation happens every August and I look forward to it all year. The luxury of thinking about whether to pack sunscreen or buy it there, God damn, these events are impossible to understand.

  • If there is another plan for the ‘post-14’, I would love to participate.

  • Tia Coleman has been on my mind too. The tragedy of it all is just overwhelming. If you decide she needs a bigger blanket, count me in.

  • Ann, After 118 comments, I know you already have all the knitters you need. But I am certainly with you and Tia, in spirit. Thanks for using your words and your platform to bring love and support to this woman. I cannot imagine bearing that kind of loss.

  • So very very sad. I cried for Tia when I read your post. I’m in the UK but if you need more squares or blankets, happy to help.

  • I may be too late to sign up to do a square. If not I’d be honored to knit a square. I lost a child. Any comfort that can be given is always helpful. Olimpia

  • Obviously not one of the first, but happy to help in any way needed.

  • I’m a handicapped woman who took this Duck tour last fall in a pouring rainstorm. I was in the rear seat where the rain curtains did not close, and I got soaked. But all I got was a bad cold. Why did I complain?

    Thank you for including the GoFund link. I’d be happy to knit if you need me to, but a donation at this point is possibly more useful. I’m sure the blanket will be a comfort, especially when Tia knows how many people want to contribute.

  • Your kind thoughts for Tia Coleman have rallied many of us, Ann. I’m number 119, so I know I won’t be contributing to your blanket. I think I will knit up some Elizabeth Zimmerman hearts for her. Could I send them to you?

  • Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking about Tia Coleman. The amount of grief this woman and her family have to cope with is unbelievable. If you decide to make more squares, I’d like to help. In the meantime, I’ll donate to the go fund me.

  • Ann, I could do a square if you still need knitters. Henri xx

  • The overwhelming sadness of Tia’s story has touched so many. Your kind plan provides us with a way to help in some small way. Count me in if other blanket squares can be used.

  • What a lovely thought. Your list was full long before those of us on the West Coast woke up. But if you need more back up or decide to make more blankets I’m in.

  • Hi Anne, Probably too late, but I would be honored to knit a square if you need one.

  • I am just now reading this. What a beautiful idea. It is hard to imagine Tia’s sorrow. I see you have tons of responses, but if you need me, I would love to knit a square for her.

  • I can’t even imagine waking up and my whole family is gone. It is so heartbreaking that A time of shared family fun has been turned into such A devestating event. I will help in anyway you need.

  • Can not comprehend how hard it is to have to deal with a tragedy that is so tremendous. Me, my 2 daughters, daughter in law, and 3 grandchildren were just on an excursion boat last month and you don’t even think about something going drastically wrong. Praying for the whole family. Since you have so many volunteers who are willing to knit a square, and even use our own yarn, would you be interested in making blankets or prayer shawls for Tia’s other family members who were involved that day? Just an idea. I am willing to knit whatever you need. Thank you for this!!

  • I can’t even imagine what Tia Coleman is going through. Praying for God to comfort her. I’m sure you have more than enough people knitting squares, but if you decide to do more, I’d love to knit one.

  • I would be happy to knit a square. this is the third accident of the duck boats I have read about. There was one in Seattle a year ago that killed students from China that had just arrived. So sad to read this.

  • That poor woman. I can’t even begin to fathom dealing with a loss like that. I suppose you turn to family in times of anguish, but when they’re gone too, it must be unbearable. I know you’ve got more than enough knitters for your blanket, but I’d be honored to partake if you ever need one more knitter for other knitting help.

  • Obviously there are so many who have already commented but I would be honored to knit a square also.

  • I remember feeling so sick when I saw Tia on TV. I had just come back from Chicago and had taken a boat tour with my Mom, sisters, husband and cousin and couldn’t imagine what it would’ve felt like to lose all of them. I’ve been equally sick over the young teenager Nia Wilson who was stabbed in San Francisco. If only we could hug the world with a hand knit blanket.

  • I would be honored to knit a square for Tia. She is in my prayers.

    • My heart goes out to this courageous woman. I would be honored to knit a square or more for her. Please let me know. She is in my prayers!

  • I would be honored to knit a square.❤️

  • Such a sweet thoughtful gesture.

  • I’m well after the first fourteen comments, but if there comes an idea for another project, I’d love to help. I am thinking of Tai Coleman and all the things we do with our families with love and affection. I hoe this lovely woman has the support she needs to stay strong. Could this community do something to help her theouythe holidays?

    • Tia and hope. Sorry for the lack of spell check.

  • My heart aches for Tia. What an unimaginable loss. Count me in as a back up knitter. Thanks for the donation link

  • Ann—
    You are so kind. I would love to knit a square.

  • Thank you for putting together this gift of love. The only other member of Tia’s family to survive is her 13 year old nephew Donovan Hall. What a rough time it must be for him. Do you have enough volunteers to make a ” love blanket ” for him as well? Bless you, bless all the families that lost loved ones in this tragedy.

  • As a mom, grandmother and a woman, a loss of that proportion is unthinkable. Your worst nightmare and beyond. In 1992, my then 8 y/o daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and I stayed up all night screaming my pain, so I cannot wrap my head around that kind of loss.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention..

  • Isn’t the knitting community a wonderful caring group!! We all want to make a small gesture of love and support in the best way we know how to express ourselves- through knitting! So far you have 150 plus offers to help mine included!

  • This was such sad news; this woman has a lot of life left to endure the pain from this one event. Your offer of a blanket should give Tia some comfort and give her something to cry into…..very .

  • I see lots of comments so you probably have lots of volunteers to knit a square. Just want to let you know that I can knit a square too.

  • I have knit squares for a comfort blanket before and would love to be included but I see you have many other knitters ahead of me. If you need me, I am here.

  • count me in!

  • This is the best email in my inbox today. Your blanket idea is amazing and appropriate. I can’t offer my help . because use of my right arm is limited due to a rotator cuff tear. You have enough offers to make more than one blanket. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a blanket or two ready to go for others who need to be wrapped in love?

  • I’d love to help.

  • There are 154 comments, so I’ll just add my name as an Alternate, or as a participant if the project happens to expand in some MDK-way. Thank you so much, Ann, for this reminder of the value of the hours in our ordinary days.

  • So many loving knitters. I donated to the go fund me. I think it does help to show that people will come together to help in blankets or squares or dollars. Xo

  • I’m late seeing this but if anything comes up or someone can’t do theirs please count me in. Thanks for posting this incredibly sad story.

  • I’ll knit a square. What size?

  • Oh, reading more carefully, I see that you just needed 14 squares, but I suspect you were inundated. Could we sew up the rest of the squares, and find some deserving people to share the blankets with? I’d offer to sew them, but I live in in Ontario.

  • Hi I would be honored to help. Maybe she needs more than one blanket. Please let me know if I can help.

  • I would love to help as well.

  • Thank you for bringing attention to Tia and this tragedy. Living in Indianapolis, this has touched the soul of our entire community. Every where you go you find someonr who is related to the family or onows them from there community work. Tomorrow Tia will lay to rest her husband and children. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this but her nephew also survived. It might be a nice idea to knit a blanket for him also.

    Thank you for doing this.
    Sherry from Indianapolis

  • What a lovely thing to do for her. Unimaginable what has happened to her world. Always ready to knit a square if you need more!

  • I can’t knit , but, would love to purchase yarn for someone for me .

  • I would like to be a contributor of your loving endeavor

  • I think you’ve started a wonderful movement here! Our church has a prayer shawl ministry but this is appealing because people from all over the world can show their compassion for others. Now you just need someone to coordinate sending out patterns (with specific gauge requirements), organizing the squares that come back, assembling the blankets, and distributing them to those in need. Wow – can you imagine?

  • Ann, it occurs to me you have a project, if you want it. At 16 squares per blanket, 160 comments would mean 10 blankets. My heart breaks with you. I can’t imagine. …
    But I can knit. And I’ll add myself to the list of sub/backup/willing but late knitters. MDK and followers help each other so freely. Can we get our collective acts together to help someone else? I’m guessing you have 16 followers somewhere in the UK; perhaps there is a blanket to be made there as well. Designated Yarn, designated pattern. Knit where we are.
    I understand the scope of the undertaking. Herding cats is an understatement. But we all finish projects one (bleeping) stitch at a time; perhaps there is a healing for all of us in that quiet determination (stubbornness). And blankets to help the healing of others at the end.
    Blessings and prayers.

  • Wow. This sure puts one’s personal struggles in perspective. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Such unfathomable loss. As the comment count is currently at 172, I won’t be able to contribute to the blanket, but as I take stock of my own good fortune and feel the gratitude, I’ll be sending a donation to Tia.

  • My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Tia. I can’t even fathom the grief and terrible loss she is living through. God be with her every step of her journey.

  • If needed, I’d love to help. Thank you for your message of love.

  • There are already so many responses, and this is what I love about the knitting and crochet community-the deep desire to bring warmth to a most horrible tragedy. If there is need, I am more than happy to also participate as I find her loss unimaginable as well.

    • Interested in helping knit a square. Maybe you are on to something to help veterans, homeless, hospice, sick children in hospitals… The knitting and crocheting community are tight….

  • I would be glad to knit a square if needed. Sometimes you just want to do something, anything to let someone know you care. I will definitely contribute to her go fund me. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help.

  • Thank you for publicizing the plight of this woman, and for starting the blanket. I am sure you have made many of us take action to reach out and help with a donation on GoFundMe.

  • Count me in

  • IdI like to help!

  • I was in St. Louis, MO, when this happened; it was major news there. I was shocked and saddened. But you, Ann, have taken that extra step of compassion in action. I’m reading too late to be part of your blanket, but would love to help in any way you need. Thank you for making us all think about that extra step that we can do.

  • I too would be honored to be a part of this effort. Perhaps everyone could participate and we could send all the blankets to Tia for her to share with other members of her family who are feeling this inexplicable loss.

  • I would be more than happy to
    knit a square or more. Pls count
    me in if you would like me to
    donate yarn. Just let me know ASAP and will mail it to you.
    Fondly, Karen shapan

  • Im here in Indianapolis and would love to be a part of this caring blanket in any way.

  • I saw the horrific event on television as the rest of the nation did also. I would love to knit a square! My email is : [email protected] Com. I pray I’m not too late.
    Kathy Darden
    Franklin, Virginia

  • I would love to knit a square, if there is still a need.

  • Yes I saw her interview and cried. A blanket of love…a beautiful idea. If you need an extra square I am avail.

  • This is so wonderful to do. Would be happy to knit a square. Life is short and we should live each day if it was out last. Thank you!

  • I can’t even imagine the suffering she is fling through. I lost my twin sons 5 years ago, 5 months apart. The pain is tremendous. Rev 21:4

    • PS I’d Love to knit a square if you have any spaces left.

  • I know you have a zillion volunteers, but if you get down this far, i’d Love to knit a square for Tia. My heart breaks for her.

  • Your blanket will give love and comfort to this dear woman who needs all the love and comfort in the world right now! In our town we have folks who knit and crochet prayer shawls and it’s the same idea… Thinking and praying for the known or unknown receiver. Thank you for reaching out to her and reminding us to treasure our lives and loved ones!

  • I wold gladly knit as many squares you need I have knitted for sick family members and friend just to let them know someone cares as they wrap in the blanket I’m sure you have many responses but would be happy to knit

  • I am late to this (as usual), but would love to knit a square for any additional projects planned.

  • Ann, How wonderful that you are doing this. I was in Branson for a few days when the tradgity happened. I can tell you it seemed all of Branson was truly shaken. If you are still in need of someone to help in knitting the blanket I would be glad to help. With God’s leading I have started two prayer shawl ministries in two churches. These shawls are prayed over genericly as they are being knitted/crocheted. Then before it is given to the recipient we lay hands on the shawl & pray specifically for the person receiving it as well as the need for it. Anyway, please let me know if you would like me to help.

    • Ann, After reading some of the replys to you I realize you have plenty of volunteers. However, I would like to add how I too know grief. I lost my daughter 15 years ago after leaving my husband & home & moving 5 hours away to care for her & her family for a year until she passed. This was a very difficult thing to do, but very rewarding. We had such quality time together during that time. My husband passed this past September after being ill for three years. In February of last year I had surgery for breast cancer. So, you see, I believe it would be very healing & uplifting to be part of this. Thank you for your consideration.

      Be blessed,

  • God bless you all for such a sweet act of kindness. I too am a knitter. Tia is part of my community. We have suffered a great loss

  • I have yarn, you can pm me on FB messanger to coordinate the pattern. Octavia Snow. I’ll be glad to make a square for the blanket of love you want to make for Tia, she needs alot of love.

  • Maybe you already have your 14 people if not please allow to help support her in this time of such tragedy. Can’t even begin to understand the pain she must be suffering. May she find peace knowing there are others that care.
    Thank you for doing your part by trying to accomplish such a wonderful gift.

  • I’ve missed out on making a square…but I understand so well the need to do something for this lady who has lost so much. Thank you for caring.

  • I cannot imagine her experience, and think about days and moments I have taken for granted. Since I heard about her, it feels impossible to think about it, impossible not to think about it. I’m way too late in my comment to contribute to the blanket, though thank you for the link to the GoFundMe page. And if more help is needed on the blanket, I’m in.

  • I saw the interview as well. I will knit a square!

  • Dear Ann, thank you for this beautiful post and for creating this blanket initiative.
    My heart broke in two when I heard Tia say that the thing that will sustain and carry her after this unimaginable loss was learning that when her family was recovered her husband was cradling all three of their children.
    Thanks for the link to her GoFund Me page. I plan to contribute, but I wonder if there’s a way for all of us who would have liked to knit a square to instead send her our messages of love and support, and harness that love energy in a giant virtual card? Does anyone here know how to do something like this?

  • Does anyone know how Miss Coleman is doing? July 26, 2018 5:30 p.m. PST

  • Hey I’m probably too late, but I’d love to give a square!

  • Ann, the amazing outpouring of knit love towards just this one tragedy might start an avalanche of knitting for various other causes. Maybe those who can knit, will find that special cause in their area or if possible someone can contact Tia Coleman to find what her passsion is and we can knit in her family’s name. Any thoughts?

  • Please. I would love to do this.

  • I would Love to knit a square

  • Your beautiful tribute touched so many. I’d be honored to knit a square if and when needed.

  • I see so many have commented previous to mine but if you are doing anything else crafty that I can contribute to since the knitting is already being done please let me know. Thank you, Caryn

  • Anne -Thank you for your beautiful, loving post. Should the squares morph into another form, I would love to contribute. Beyond that, I am going to post locally to other knitters who might like to knit, contributing to spread the Tia Love locally to others experiencing unimaginable loss.
    May we all remember Tia and Nia, their loss, in our prayers and thoughts. May the healing spread where it is needed.

  • You are well over your number, but if this morphs into another form, i am happy to help. Tammy

  • You and Kay are amazing people. Beautiful
    writing and reminders. Thank you for the PayPal link.

  • Being in the UK I would not have heard of the tragic loss of so many of Tia’s family if I did not follow the blog…….I have donated with love & hugs xxxxx

  • Ann, as I read this there are already 219 comments. It made me think. What if all of us wanted to contribute? You surely can’t give away that much yarn but if you gave us specifications and WE provided the squares that would be a lot of blankets and you could give them away to your favorite charities. We as knitters are a generous lot and we could sure do it. Let me know what I need to buy and the instructions and I’m all about getting my square done!

    • Great idea.

    • Yes, great idea.

  • It seems there is now a blanket brigade available….perhaps we can organize additional teams to support concurrent tragedies and their survivors…..an even larger tribute to Tia and her family

  • ❤️

  • I, too, will gladly knit a square. What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  • Please count me in to help with this project. I would love to be part of such a lovely idea.

  • I would like to knit a square, if someone is organizing other blankets .

  • With all of this outpouring of interest and support, maybe a blanket could also be made for her surviving nephew Donovan? I am happy to contribute a square.

  • You’re amazing. I’m late.
    I saw her story and cried.
    I need to make blanket squares to have on hand.
    Much love to you and thank you for being you.

  • What a beautiful idea

  • I would love to be part of it!!

  • Thanks for writing this. There are many times that we feel we need to do something for someone but don’t know what. That is why in between my regular projects, I do charity knitting. Whether it is a baby blanket or a hat or a prayer shawl, if they are done to help others it will help you when something like this comes along.

  • What a beautiful way to honor the members of Tia’s family and bring the knitting community together to support her during this most challenging time!

  • I’m reading this rather late at night (10:23 PM pst). I’ve been on the fringe of the news for a couple of weeks now, wrapped up in my own family ‘stuff’ and so grateful for my prayer shawl. Knitting a square for someone whose needs far exceed mine would help both of us. I know you have enough for your original call for knitters, but am more than willing to help if this turns in to a “Blankets for Love” for any people anywhere whom are devastated by life. Count me in. Blessings.

  • 7:57 and 233 comment… i’m a bit late. I would feel honoured to knit a square for Tia’s blanket. The heartbreak she is going thru is unimaginable. If you decide to take us all up on knitting squares & create additional blankets for others in need, I’m in for that too.

  • That is such a beautiful and generous thing to do for that poor woman.

  • So many have offered to help Tia that the blanket is obviously oversubscribed. Those who volunteered might look in their own community for the opportunity to knit for those closer to home who could benefit from the Love that comes off your needles – socks for homeless shelters, blankets for children’s hospitals or warm hats and gloves for veterans.

  • perhaps there are others who need the warmth of a blanket made by compassionate knitters. i would be glad to put aside the daily grind to knit for a stranger in need. stephanie

  • In this world where we hear of so many woes, reading these comments is a reassuring reminder that people care and want to help.
    Count me in to knit a square.

  • I’d like to knit a square.

  • Ann, You are a beautiful person and all the lovely comments on here remind me that knitters are wonderful people! I know there are a lot of comments but please reach out to me if you need anything.

  • I would like to help.

  • ive lost my son. Nothing can ease the hurt of that loss. No words can fill the void. All i can say is that my heart and prayers are with you, always will be. God bless you

  • My heart goes out to her and her nephew ❤︎ Carina.

  • Just saw this post. I am days (and hundreds of knitters) late, but would be honored to help if somehow you still need a knitter.

  • If you have room for one more knitter I would love to help.

  • I’d be honored to help if you decide to expand this project.

  • Me, too! What a loving thing to do.

  • Our zguild contacted her about doing a Program for us. This is very haunting. Hope she is able to endure and recover this unbelievable tragedy. Would like to help with the blanket.

  • I’d be happy to knit a square in memoriam of the family members lost. Just read this article so may be out of luck!

  • Please reach out to me..I can assist you on getting the blanket to her. [email protected]

  • Last week I was overwhelmed with the grace of Tia Coleman as she faced this impossible situation. In one interview she described with warmth the personalities of each of her young children. It was a lesson in dignity.

    Ann, your post, and the loving and generous responses, make me proud to be a knitter. Does the craft select for compassion? It seems so. If you do decide to size up to a 4-acre blanket, I would be honored to knit a square.

  • I just. CANNOT. imagine. I know I am way down the list, but to knit something that might, if only for a short time, give Tia a hug and some comfort from a caring community ….. please let me know if I can knit or crochet a square of the Caring Blanket.

  • How is the organizing going? I bet it’s getting bigger than you need. Please send an update. Thanks.

  • For those who’d like to be involved in knitting a group blanket but didn’t respond quicky enough to get in on Tia’s, perhaps you could check to see if your area has a facility for abused or neglected children as ours does – Children’s Attention Home. The group of students I worked with at school for several years before retiring made at least one blanket each year to donate to be given to a child there. It was very rewarding for them!

  • I”m sure you are overwhelmed with the response. we do realize that money doesn’t heal all wounds. is there something that would go along with the blanket? I guess we all want her to know that we are thinking of her


  • Can anyone tell me how I can get a card to Tia?

  • Dear Ann,
    What a thoughtful and heartfelt outreach. While I am a bit late to participate, I am sure that many have already signed up to knit. No doubt that your message has been the spark to inspire others to do the same for those in need.
    Blessings to you.

  • Thank you for sharing so i can pray for her family. So very sad . I would love to knit a square

  • I am late to join but as many others have said, I would be honored to be part of this blanket with every stitch a stitch of love.

  • How can I get a pattern for that square? Please advise.

  • I’d. Love to help.

  • I would be so honored to do
    A square. Can’t get her off my mind either.

  • Since the day of that tragedy. Every night I say a prayer for Tia I say a prayer to her family to watch over her. Tia and I will never meet. She will never know my name or who I am. But I will always remember her, I will always remember who she is and when I am at my weakest, it is when I will remember her best. Thank you for doing this. I can not knit, but I can pray.

  • Are you knitting a blanket for the nephew who survived as well he lost his mother and baby brother

  • I would love to be apart of this knitting project

  • Ann, thanks so much for being a humanitarian. You’re an awesome person thinking of Tia Coleman even after the cameras turned off and the story faded. Thank God for people like you.


  • How thoughful you are. I remember this trajic event. Then thougt she must feel I felt (& many others)after Mom passed. People seem to forget or go on with their lives after the funeral. Life goes on for othera as if nothing happened. For Tia it wasn’t the loss od o e but her entire family and then extended family. She must be carrying a load of grief unimaginable, unfathomable to anyone. My heart goes out to her and to you for being so thoughtful and caring. Tia Coleman I wish healing for your heart. I pray you find happiness in life. God bless you!

  • My heart is breaking for her I hope that she will be able to find joy in the reality of her new life