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  • I see the tumbling blocks sweater, which I knit in the 1980s. What fun!

  • Thank you for introducing me to this artist – just followed her on IG. Beautiful work.

  • These are fantastic paintings. Thanks for posting.

  • Having just paged through his recent sweater pattern book, it struck me from Amy’s beautiful paintings that Stephen West is Kaffe Fasett’s natural heir. I love them both!

  • A typo. That was two s’s for Fassett. Sorry, misspellings annoy me, even if most of the world doesn’t even notice.

  • I finally gave away the tumbling blocks pillow kit I received for signing up so many years ago. It just didn’t go with all my other needlepoint pillows…

    • I made that kit! It was the 25th anniversary subscriber gift, so it’s now officially vintage. My holes at the joins were ghastly, so I felted it, and still use it as a massive coaster. Do you remember it came with a piece of quilting cotton fabric for the backing? #goodtimes

      • Kay, I never thought of felting needlepoint! Truly an adventure into the unknown. Wow!

    • I still have that kit in the bag mostly unused, including the cotton fabric for the backing! I scavenged a small amount of the yarn for a hat for a friend years ago. Maybe I should unearth the kit and actually make it.

  • Thanks for look a Amy’s art. You always inspire me and I can definitely use it this rainy Friday morning

  • My mother gave me Glorious Color (and later he signed it for me) for Christmas the year it came out, along with a bag full of odds and ends of many colors of yarn from her own collection, and that of her weaving group. I read it over and over for about six months before diving in and making one of those enormous coat sweaters, complete with hand knitted shoulder pads. I wore it till it was threadbare, and then it became a very exotic house sweater, till it could be mended no more. I took a class from Brandon and Kaffe in the early days of their teaching tours. In those early days it was all far more improvisational: grab a handful of colors and knit what you see. I don’t think any other single knitter has influenced me more.

    • Ellen, I bet your Kaffe coat was magnificent even as a threadbare house sweater. I don’t wear a lot of Kaffe but I have enjoyed knitting a few pieces, and he is in my head constantly.

  • I love her watercolors.She sets a mood.

  • Lovely watercolor illustrations. The Kaffe, he would be pleased.

  • And she’s a Beatlemaniac to boot! What a fine addition to the Team!

  • Aren’t these beautiful, both the knits and the art. Kaffe Fassett is a genius with design and color. There are many I likely couldn’t wear, though I love them, but many I could.The Garden Party Striped Tee in cotton!

    The Romeo and Juliet coat featured in the Victoria and Albert museum exhibit is indeed a museum piece.

    Not shown, but a pattern I love is his Earth Stripe Wrap in 10 shades of Kidsilk Haze…to die for.

    Off to ogle Amy’s Instagram.

  • Beautiful interpretations! I have a number of Kaffe Fassett’s books and often take them out as inspiration and an eye candy treat. I have yet to take the plunge on knitting any of his designs, though.

  • I love them! Really beautiful 🙂

  • These made me smile

  • Thank you for the link to these lovely watercolour renditions of textile arts ! I love looking at Kaffe’s work for inspiration – quilts, needlepoint, knitting, love it all. immersion into colour and our surroundings. Gorgeous.

  • Thank you for the tip! I love Amy’s instagram – such fun to see every day.

  • ❤️

  • Kaffe Fassett has been a favorite of mine ever since I went back to knitting after a very long hiatus. Couldn’t believe the gorgeous colors and designs. ‘I’m gonna make lots of that stuff!,’ says the new acolyte. I bought as many of his books as I could at the used book store which was when I saw how you made the patterns. I thought I could do a Foolish Virgins Sweater. Ha! I’m too scared to do a Foolish Virgin Scarf!! I’m in total awe of the lady who did an ENTIRE COAT!!! Well done, my friend, well done!!!