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  • Love the mittens, especially the pair with tiny hearts.

  • Thanks for your humorous, informative review!

  • Can’t wait to thrum. Just ordered the book. That green tee is also calling my name.

  • I love that green tee! Thanks for the review! Love your writing!

  • Thank you, Franklin! Just ordered them both from my local library to see if I want to buy them.

  • Wool Studio OMG OMG OMG I have just completely redone my project list.

  • I may even try a mitten (or two). Something that has never held much interest for me does now.

  • When I saw this morning’s post was from Franklin Habit, I said to myself Oh Boy, goodie!! I always love reading his book reviews They’re fun & witty and always make me smile;) I luv the green tee, Pacific Grove. Being a native So. Cal. gal (Sunset Beach) the pattern names were like looking at postcards from home

  • Oh, Franklin! Your reviews are better than most people’s books! I rarely disagree with you, but in this case I have to take issue with your statement that mittens are quicker than hats. Any project where you have to make two–however small–does not beat out a hat for speediness. IMHO. That being said, Huff’s mitten book looks great! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! I virtually rushed to my library’s online catalog and put a hold on it. That’s where I was reminded that Huff is also the author of the excellent and whimsical Fun and Fantastical Hats to Knit. (Which I also initially checked out from the library and now own.)

  • How large do those lovely Wool Studio patterns go?

    I knit for larger people and while I can adjust fit for many items (not all, sadly), it’s obviously a lot easier on my math-challenged brain if I don’t have to calculate proportions more than two or three sizes larger…

  • A few of the sweaters look interesting, but I will never spend the money for a book in order to make a couple of the patterns. Most can be nearly duplicated with patterns I already own or can spend a few dollars for. Even in the years before Ravelry it would take a lot to persuade me to buy a book, or even a magazine.

  • Would love to have a book of your knitted payterns

  • Thank you, Franklin, for “I almost never finish a knitting project before I am sick of knitting it”. I am right there with you, as testified to by my enormous collection of UFO’s. I’m off to order The Mitten Handbook so I too can achieve more FO’s.

  • since I have vowed to bust my stash — I have replaced my purchases with your book recommendations! I’m going to get the mitten handbook as soon as I can sneak my wallet out of the kitchen where my husband is breakfasting. Hopefully I end up with a better project than my last attempt – which I titled – Let’s give Margaret a Big Hand…..Just One. Perhaps a row counter is also in order.

  • While I cannot blame Franklin for my addiction to All Books Fiber, the responsibility for the latest few puchases lies squarely upon his shoulders. I love this mitten book. It will be my best friend this winter. Thrums to you all!!

  • I bought this mitten book after reading this review and I have to say it has become a favorite. Thanks.