Knitters to Love: Dana Williams-Johnson

By Kay Gardiner
June 11, 2018

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  • This post makes me want to hunt Dana down and hug her. She has created so much joy!

    • Me too lol…and I want to knit with her

      • I did hunt her down on Ravelry after seeing two posts in two days on Instagram of her beautiful amazing happy smile and her lovely knits with her dogs. Felt I had to tell her how happy her smile made me feel. Hope she didn’t feel I was stalking!

        • I can assure you Sandra, I did not feel like you were stalking. LOL I’ve gotten so many messages on Ravelry, comments on my blog and Instagram comments it has been a little overwhelming but all very positive and loving. If I didn’t respond to you on Ravelry already, thank you. I’m happy to share a little joy and love in the world 😉

    • Wendy, I love hugs 🙂

      • Dana, you are a real joy to all who love knitting! I tried knitting for my Shihtzu but she keeping growing! Hopeful to meet you at a local knitting fair. You should teach a class at Md Sheep and Wool!

  • A wonderful way to start my day!

  • Thank you for sharing this post. Dana is a joy and it made my Monday so much better reading about her.

  • I think Dana’s work is joy inspiring, but those cute little dogs! Not to mention the joy that radiates from her smile. Thanks, this article and pics were a great start to my day!

  • Well, now I have a new blog to add to my blog list. What a great interview. I wish Dana lived next door to me so I could see her whole doggie wardrobe, and the people clothes too. (I’d love to knit for my cats but so far that’s just a dream.) I mostly choose yarn based on color and almost never knit anything neutral so feel I have found a kindred spirit in Dana.

  • love this interview. I have been a dana follower forever. she is always a bright spot in my day and I always start my day with mason Dixon blog since you started it. love the knitting world!!!!

  • Thank you for sharing this! It made me so happy just looking at her beautiful knits, her smile and her “stylin” pups.

  • What a joyful start to the day! Dana’s smile and joy are infectious. Thanks for sharing her with your followers. I’m heading to her blog.

  • So much enthusiasm and joy right here. What a great way to start off the week.

  • What a heart-warming interview! Love, love, love the pups in their matching sweaters! Dana is someone I’d like to knit with.

  • Good advice for life too: “put down the neutrals and enjoy the rainbow.” Thanks for this wonderful interview and introduction to a new knitting friend!

    • I agree, Peggy. That’s advice that applies to life in general.

  • Thank you for introducing us to Dana! I love her style and colorful knits and will definitely check out her blog. It is also great to see someone with a shape similar to mine – it helps me visualize knitting patterns on me. Wow! Such an inspiration!

  • Love, love this post. Forwarded it to a friend who owns a Chihuahua (I’ve made him a couple of sweaters). Now I guess I have to make a matching one for my friend!

  • The joy is inspirational, but so is the “let’s just get going and do it” attitude. Knitting can be so much more fun when we stop worrying about every detail in advance iand just let the good times happen! Most importantly: Dana seems so happy in her clothes, and in her own life, and isn’t that what its all about?

  • I’ve been reading Dana’s blog for a few years… so glad to see her get noticed and featured on MDK. I will second the recommendation of Seamless Knits for Posh Pups…we have 4 pugs and this is my go-to book as well!

  • Dana is adorable! Thank you for sharing her with us! I have already checked our her blog and found a few new projects for myself.

  • Just adding to the lovefest. What a great start to the day. I will definitely follow her now. Matching dog sweaters! It’s too much for me.

  • Well, this just warms the cockles of my heart.

  • I LOVE DANA! The photos are so joyful and fabulous and fun. What a wonderful post and what a delightful knitter! And the dogs are fabulous – wish my Lab would wear a sweater but he has zero interest…

  • The photo immediately brought a smile to my face. What a wonderful way to begin Monday morning

  • Now I am following Dana EVERYWHERE. Her sweater knitting is so inspiring!

  • Kay, I first saw that picture about a week and a half ago when you posted it on Instagram. I loved it then, and am so happy to read more about Dana now. Dana does inspire joy!

  • I’ve been following Dana’s “Yards of Happiness for a while now and also her Instagram posts. You defined her work very well Kay: colorful, prolific, and always exuberant knitting. I would like to add joyful, uplifting and inspiring. Every time I read her posts I get happy!

  • Thank you for introducing us to this lovely woman! Dana, your fabulous personality outshines your gorgeous use of color. Loved reading about you and your handsomely sweatered crew.

  • She’s so happy and upbeat, she made me smile through the whole article. Love the dogs and their sweaters.

  • I saw her on Instagram recently and the photo did indeed make me smile. Great interview. Now I am off to check out her blog and to add her to my Instagram feed!

  • I discovered Dana’s work through Ravelry just a month ago. You couldn’t have found a more inspiring knitter! Her vibrant personality shines out In everything she makes.

  • I recently discovered Dana too and went gaga over her and her puppies! Doesn’t she make you want to knit everything in matching sets for your four legged friends? Thanks so much for the interview. This lady is such a joy!!

  • Thank you for sharing the interview with Dana. She is a wonderful splash of Joy and I look forward to reading her blog, too. I love her sense of style and how she embraces color. We share a love of Fibre Space.

  • Dana is so fantastic! She is so generous of spirit and gave me some much-needed encouragement about knitting more sweaters for myself via some IG comments. Love seeing her on my feed, and I’m delighted to see her featured here.

  • These photos were the best start to a Monday morning EVER! Thank you. OK, I’ll go back and read the article now…

    • …and the interview is as inspiring snd joyful as her photos! Thank you for introducing me to Dana!

  • Dana is such a joy and an inspiration!! I love LOVE the matching human/doggie sweaters!

  • The joy, the smiles, the gorgeous knitting! What a treat to learn of Dana!!! I’m now following her on Instagram!!! Boy is she a prolific knitter!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  • Love your babies and your creations!

  • Oh my goodness I LOVE this post. What a beautiful family of sweater loving goodness. Dana you are awesome

  • What a great profile. Thank you for sharing. She does just make you smile!

  • Thanks so much! This post just made my day. I’m so happy to make the acquaintence of Dana . . . and Cher and Jellybean, too, of course.

  • Love this. Love her. Thank you for the introduction. Will be following blog.

  • Love this interview! Dana has inspired me to knit matching sweaters for my dog and my soon-to-be-baby (due in August). I absolutely love her photos of her matching family sweaters, but I don’t have the stamina to knit sweaters for husband, me, and our 60-lb dog each year. Baby plus dog seems much more do-able.

  • You’re an amazing crafter! I knit and crochet but “nothing” compares to your craftsmanship! And the matching duo sets? Too too cute!
    Keep giving joy!
    Leslie Thompson

  • What a wonderful lady, and a true inspiration! I love your knitting, I love your dogs, and I love that you love your dogs the way you do! Rock on, beautiful lady!

  • Great interview! I follow her blog and love seeing what she’ll make next!

  • Thank you, Dana, for the book recommendation! My mom has a chihuahua and a chihuahua-pomeranian mix who both needs sweaters!

  • I know exactly what WendyKnits means about wanting to hug Dana!

    Interestingly, I found her via MDK. The Rain Outside won the shawl bracket of March Mayhem last year, and I didn’t love it. I hopped over to Ravelry to look at all the projects to see what I had missed. Dana’s version that she calls Acid Rain knocked me out (I think she has made four now). I looked at her projects, and then the blog. I’ve been following her since then. Such joy! She truly brightens my day every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • OK, sold on the idea of incorporating more color! Dana’s knits are delightful! 🙂 And clearly she’s having a great time. 🙂

  • Great to meet such a joyful knitter (and her pups). Thanks for sharing this.

  • I’m so happy you have an article about her – I stumbled across her blog just a couple weeks ago as I began my own Durumi pattern – scrolling through the ideas for it on Ravelry, I spied upon her beautiful version along with her dog’s matching version – total joy radiating from both of them! And how freaking cute is the picture of her whole family, all of them in sweaters???
    Like many others, I wish she was my next door neighbor and we could knit together. 🙂 I’m guilty of mostly sticking with neutral colors, though seeing her bright colors makes me nothing but happy. Thank you for including her knitting profile here and spreading her joy!

    • You said it! Freaking cute indeed!

  • Oh, dear Dana, this is why we knit! To answer the world with a resounding Yes! and bring joy and fearlessness to our lives. The rest of the day may be an all-over cringe, but when I pick up my needles I am in the Land of Infinite Possibilities. YES!

  • What a joy! We need more people like Dana in the world. Thank you for sharing!


  • Thank you for this interview! Dana is a beautiful source of information and positivity! Her pics are amazing and her talent is obvious! I can’t wait to check out her Instagram page!

  • Loved your interview with Dana. I discovered her on IG with her Instastories on her knitting and her cute dogs. I have since been reading her blog and love it.

  • I forgot how to knit because I did not stick with it

  • Dana Williams-Johnson, your smile is delightful and your hand knits are beautiful. I love the pups with sweaters. :):)

  • Dana, you are so talented. I love all of your work. How can I make an order?Cuz Joyce

  • Seeing Dana and her dog sweaters by following a certain Instagram tag is exactly how I found her! She and her dogs make me so happy!

  • This is so inspiring … thanks. I consider myself a beginning knitter with aspirations. I own two chihuahuas and they need sweaters. I will start one …

  • Dana’s projects are a joy to behold. So colorful and fun! Lucky pups too.

  • I’m so happy to have “met” this gal, what a delight. Smiled the whole time I was reading the article.

  • This picture immediately brought a smile to my face! It makes me feel happy just seeing you, your hubby and your kids. Your smile says it all.
    Thank you!

  • I love your hand knitted sweaters.
    Kindly let me know where I can get machine knitting cotton yarn

  • What a talented knitter and inspiration! I loved those photos with the matching dog sweater . The sweaters are so beautiful ! I have been wanting to attempt a sweater but was feeling intimidated and was thinking about attempting a dog sweater first since it’s much smaller and I’ve got 3 furbabies . This post was really uplifting to read, thanks for sharing .

  • Your fur babys in sweaters makes me soooo happy! Sadly, my little Pixie is a confirmed nudist. Matching sweaters is the BEST

  • Really, soooooo cute! Matching Mom n pup sweaters. Knocked my sox off. Thx.