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  • I made the blog! How exciting!! Shakerag update – I’m one row shy of the armhole opening. Unfortunately my next stretch of travel is in the drivers seat but I do hope to have enough knitting time next week to finish!!

    • And yes – you correctly identified Sylph in Maidenhair. A dreamy yarn in a beautiful color!

  • It’s officially the Knit of the Summer! It’s a perfect first garment for a newbie, and the doubly/ potentially marly perfection is enough to keep anyone interested. I’m going to be making another! Looking forward to the weekend ladies.

  • So good to see all of these Shakerags. They’re the “it” sweater of the summer!
    Can’t wait to get mine off the blocking board and onto this broad!

  • My Shakerag is made from Shibui Linen from my stash, I love the way it breathes in our Texas heat. I’m packing for Tennessee right now and it will be the first thing in the suitcase! See you tomorrow!

  • I just finished the back shoulder bind offs last night, and I started the front knitting. I did follow the modification with the split hem, and I’m using a cotton yarn. I’ll try to post a picture of my work so far, sometime today, on Instagram.

  • These, and all I’ve seen are just beautiful. Kudos to you all! It is indeed the knit for summer 2018.

    Off topic I have a question. Is the Lounge out of order? There are no new postings since 3 days ago???

  • Any idea when Extinct may be back in stock?

  • They are all beautiful, and beautifully knitted. I very much love both Kay’s extremely subtle stripes and longer sleeves and Samantha’s unstriped(?) version in that wonderful dark blue.

    • Thank you. Mine is striped (meaning yarn held double) but with the Extinction colorway it doesn’t show quite as much unless I wear a light colored tank underneath.

  • How about more Sylph in Skinny Jeans (isn’t that the name of the other blue?)?

  • It’s a nice top.

  • These are all beautiful!
    Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to pronounce “Shakerag”? Help!

    • I asked, I think in the lounge? Or on a previous post? Two syllables, Shake Rag.

      Love it!

      • Ah Ha!! Thanks!