Cockleshell Cardigan: Getting the Wrong Side Right

By Kay Gardiner
May 31, 2018

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  • I am unclear. Do you want us to . . . read the pattern?

  • Ummmmm.. afraid to go look at the finished but unblocked Cockleshell I knit to see if I read the pattern or not….

  • Haha. My new Rule #1: ENGAGE BRAIN!! Happy to be in your company, Kay! I’ve updated my original post with a modeled photo! So darn cute.

    • OMG the models! And the needing to wash it after one wearing! So glad little Gin loves the handknits.

  • As my dear old dad used to say, ‘When all else fails, read the directions’

    • Mine, too!

  • I can glance at a pattern, skim a pattern, hold a pattern to my forehead and try to absorb it that way. But you are absolutely right: there is no substitute for actually READING THE PATTERN!

  • I’ve been burned in the past. Now I read through the pattern completely circling, highlighting, etc. I don’t know any little ones to knit this for – am crossing my fingers for an adult sized version!

    • Have you seen Amy’s Instagram? She’s knitting one!

      • Yes! I was not sure if it was a beta version for herself or if she is actually planning on releasing. Ah, now I see! Excitement! Let me mentally add to my ever expanding queue!

  • Yep, been there, done that.

  • Technical writers have an acronym, in which M stands for manual: RTFM!

  • My dear, you have no idea what a relief it is to find out other experienced knitters do things like ignoring the read-the-pattern directions – and then admit it in public!

    • My life is an open book.

  • Patterns that number wrong-side rows with odd numbers always throw me off.

  • I’d like to add another knitting rule. Count the stitches. If a designer goes to the trouble to tell you what the stitch count should be after increases are complete, count. I just frogged half a sweater back because I didn’t and there had been a mistake on my part. I could have caught it way back when, if I had only counted.

  • I loce the design and wish the designer would make a pattern for big people. I want to make it for myself.

  • I generally treat the pattern as a jumping off point. At this point in my life, I probably won’t change. In the same way that I don’t use the GPS (even though I have no sense of direction) because I don’t mind getting lost and I often make new discoveries, some of the mistakes I have made knitting have taught me altogether new ways of doing things. Or not. But for those who believe in fidelity, even to a piece of knitting, or those who like predictable outcomes, reading the pattern, its probably good advice (I always, always make a gauge swatch…just like I always pack a candy bar so i have something to eat if I get lost)

  • You are awesome!!!! I always love your stories and enjoy the humor! Enjoy your day.

  • Olive, go take Kay for a walk. She needs some fresh air. She’s been forgetting to read the directions again….

  • Always enjoy your descriptions of adventures in knitting, Kay. But the thing that really caught my eye was Vicki’s mod with the “crocheted button loop”. Much better for a unisex sweater. Going to order the Field Guide now!

  • “Mistake I mean feature.” Ha!

  • A corollary to ‘read the directions’ is to ‘do what it says, not what you think it says’. I’ve fallen down that rabbit hole a time or two.

  • Do you have a pattern for the cockleshell in adult sizes? If you do could you post the the instructions to be printed out .
    Thank you

  • Hah! I read your post yesterday. Decided to start the sweater today. Do you think I learned from your false start? Absolutely not! To me, 1×1 ribbing always starts with K1. After it looked wrong, I reread your post. I started again and my sleeve looks great! Thank you!