New and Noteworthy: The Books of May

By Kay Gardiner
May 22, 2018

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  • Wendy Bernard and Japanese knitting together. Wow. Just wow.

  • I remember making macrame plant holders for all my sisters-in-law!! Love Kristin Nicholas’s style! Still look through her earlier books!

  • Please identify the beautiful print at the top of this post!

  • So much for my -no new books- resolve.

    • What a terrible idea!

    • That’s where libraries come in! Just found the “pattern” book in my regional system, although I’ll have to wait my turn for it.

  • I am obsessed with Japanese dog sweater knitting books. The photo styling is just beyond. So inspiring.

    • Ugh I wish I didn’t know they existed!

      • Does Olive’s modeling agency know about these?

  • There are too many wonderful books, so much incredible yarn. This is a wonderful time to be a knitter

  • only interested in crochet which I love
    any suggestions on books, patterns

  • My favorite quote about macramé is from the first episode of “Puss in Boots” on Netflix. One of the characters, Artipheous, a batty alchemist with wild hair, tries to interest others in his macramé owls. He says, “It’s macramé–it’s like knitting, but everybody hates it!”

  • The Michiyo book is a new English translation of one of her existing Japanese pattern books first published in 2013. I love her stuff so much – a quick search on for “michiyo” will bring up some of her past stuff, it’s worth a browse! I happen to own the original of the one that’s been translated, haha! (This is the original version, for anyone who’s curious: